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The Bozo Chronicles: Kennel/Container & Quarantine Laws

09 Mar 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag


We have a one year old Golden Retriever (read aggressively affectionate) called Bozo, and are required relocate for a few years to Singapore. We are after much debate decided on taking him along with us despite all advice from family to the contrary on the impracticality of it -new country, new rules and regulations,no support staff/family or friends to dog sit, kennel expenses, park to run in, place to stay, shooting ourselves in the foot et al.

To take him with us, we have so far done a lot of reading up on the net, spoken to vets and are in touch with the AVA in Singapore who, I am delighted to share, are not only extremely prompt and helpful, but are also very understanding of our anxiety and concern about the quarantine laws, eligibility criteria etc. With their help and guidance, we are almost through with the pre-travel paperwork and tests.

Right now it is the India leg of our journey that I am concerned and therefore seeking advice about. (Reading the dog travel posts on this site we are really very reassured by the regular visitors and the informed inputs given with a lot of care.)

Source: brocku.ca

Currently we are looking for a kennel/container for Bozo to travel in, as he is a large sized dog and should be comfortable for the almost 10 hours he will be cooped up. We have checked with 2 large pet shops in Delhi and one importer of kennels in Gurgaon, and are quite dissatisfied with the limited options (two) to choose from.

Can anyone recommend whom to contact  for more options or share their experiences with (and I quote) "these are the only kinds of kennels available in India' as described below:

1. A gray and white fibre type that is apparently recommended for Labradors and Golden Retrievers etc dimensions 40x28x30 (Extra Large), which is ok for size , but it doesnt have ventilation on the rear side. It only has narrow windows on two sides, with the grilled front door providing the only scope for proper ventilation. The roofof the container doesnt seem too sturdy either - gives a bit with heavy thumping of the fist - we all know how luggage gets tossed around.
2. fully white 'Giant' sized container of a different make, apparently used for St. Bernards meets the sturdiness and ventilation criteria, but is much larger in size and double the cost. A bit worried that he might overturn it by jumping around in it - the vet has not suggested any sedation. There seems to be no availability of the Extra Large size in this make.
Leads on whom to contact for options would be very helpful, as would experiences of living in Singapore with a large dog and/or travelling overseas with a pet.. will continue to share ours on this forum!

Would also like to know whether he will be subjected to quarantine when we return to India - am getting varied responses on this so far.


Anil @ DoggiesDude
1. look for a crate which should be bigger than the height and also in width that the dog can move inside. Better post his length and width so that can suggest exact size needed and maybe source.

2. When you come back you do NOT need quarantine in India.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Mar 2010

Priya Bose
thanks! he is 26 inches tall with his snout slightly raised (like when looking up)
snout to bum he is 43 inches long
width/girth is 11 inches

By: Priya Bose | 09 Mar 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
It is recommended crate size no smaller than 24W x 26"H x 32"L for smaller Golden Retrievers and 28-30"W by 30-32"H x 36"L for larger Golden Retrievers

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Mar 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Also hope you are inspiration to dog owners who give their dog to shelter when relocating abroad for some time..

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Mar 2010

Priya Bose
thanks, still looking for leads on whom to contact preferably in Delhi - am getting results for Mumbai and Bangalore so far only

By: Priya Bose | 09 Mar 2010

Anil @ DoggiesDude
try searching at www.olx.in they might have listing of delhi

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Mar 2010

There is a company called Yashbans in Bangalore they deal in End to End transportation of the dog from anywhere to anywhere- if you want to outsource the headache then you may call Rishya on 9886312691
to get Kennels I know of two shops in Gurgaon, these are wholesale dealers and would have all the sizes
https://dogspot.in/dog-listing /petswill/
https://dogspot.in/dog-listing /lal-pet-products/

By: Rana Atheya | 10 Mar 2010

Sunando Sen
Bozo will not have to be quarantined when he comes back to India (unless laws change by that time!). My lab traveled with me to Dubai, stayed there for two years, and is now back in Delhi. There are some clearances that you need to get in advance before he comes back, not too difficult to get. Anyway, I guess this is not your immediate concern!

As far as the crate goes, he will not really need ventilation at the back, there's enough from the front. My dog has traveled in a similar crate as what you have described above; in any case they find the experience very stressful but are usually ok after some time. I had got the crate from Lal Pet Products' wholesale outlet in Gurgaon.

By: Sunando Sen | 10 Mar 2010

Immediately go to :- www.petvacations .in they are dealing in this kind of queries & Anupama Vinayak is the best. She will definitely help you.

By: Ashvina.D.Bativala | 15 Mar 2010

U can cover the same cage with plywood so dat the cage becomes solid one

By: RAJESH | 18 Mar 2010

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