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Tips for Breeding your dog

14 May 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

Almost every dog owner thinks about breeding his or her dog at least once. Raising small pups sounds enjoyable. However, breeding involves more responsibility and work than most dog owners are ready for. It is not as easy as it seems. Lack of experience may risk the life of your dog. Sometimes it can go totally wrong. Hence you should be ready to face the consequences. ( Dog Heat Cycle )


As a dog owner, you should ask yourself if you really want to breed your dog. Most of the breeders do not follow proper instructions during the process of whelping. Breeding requires practical expertise. Sometimes puppies may contract diseases like parvo, mild cocciadia and giardia. Sometimes the dam will not produce any milk or produce too much and suffer from Mastitis. At times, dams die from hemorrhage during pregnancy.

Several unwanted dogs die homelessly, out of disease, starvation, run under vehicles and abuse etc. Most of the victims of this appalling tragedy are pure bred dogs. The person or breeder who brought them to this world is responsible for their life. Will you carefully monitor prospective breeders or you will just take your money without being concerned if the pups are chained all their lives in a junkyard or left on the streets to be killed. Will you refuse selling your pup to irresponsible people? Are you prepared to take a grown pup if his owners can no longer care for him? Can you live with the thought that the small creature you helped in bringing to this world is betrayed at the cost of some amount of money?

So before you make your decision for breeding your dog, it is important to consider the above given consequences.

How to breed your dog?

If you have decided to breed your dog, choose a stud or dam and check for the qualities you desire to have in their offspring. Generally breeding is done to enhance the breeds. Here are some of the things you should determine before breeding:

·  Physical traits: Look at the stud and dam carefully to inspect physical characteristics you want to have in their puppies. If you want to breed your Labrador, you will look for any signs of genetic problems like hip dysplasia. It is a common genetic disorder found in labs which causes difficulty in walking and running.

·  Genetic history: Examine the lineage of your dog to ensure that he is of good quality. You can obtain his history from his breeder or the registration agency he has been registered to. In case of mixed breed, you can inspect their history only from the parents who delivered them. You should also make sure that the pairs are not directly related. This will prevent any genetic defect due to inbreeding.

· Temperament: Temperament is again one of the important characteristic to look for when breeding a dog. This quality is transferred from the parents to their offspring. If the parents pass this quality to their pups, it can develop aggressive tendencies in them.

·  Age: Ensure that your dog is in his breeding age. Usually, bitches start coming in heat in 6-9 months of age. Thereafter every six month, they come in heat regularly. Most of the breeders do not breed a dam until she has attained two years of age or minimum one and half years of age. This is the time when she is fully prepared physically to carry and birth puppies. ( Secrets of Successful Dog Breeding )

· Make sure you take advice about your dog’s traits from an experienced person who gives unbiased opinions. Take your dog to a vet to check his health. Have your dog evaluated for any infections and update his vaccinations. Do not give vaccinations if your dam has been bred as it can pose health problems to puppies before they are born. In case of any doubts, ask your vet.

If you have a dam, you should wait for her to come in heat. If you have a stud nearby, you can identify easily whether your dam has started her cycle. Her genital area will swell and show some discharge. The strong odor of her discharge will make stud to respond strongly. Wait for nine days and check your dam to show the signs of beginning her cycle. After she has shown the signs, take her to share the kennel with stud. Generally people have different opinions about the number of times one should allow the pair to come in contact. However, keeping the pair in pen for one or two days is harmless. After it has been confirmed that the dam has been bred, she can be taken back by the owner or kept in a separate pen.

During pregnancy, dam should be given balanced diet and supplements recommended by the vet. Fertilization occurs within three days of breeding in dogs. The duration of the gestation period is 63 days.

The dam’s pen or kennel should be clean and free from any infestations. You should provide clean bed and lots of fresh water for the dam.

If your dam’s nipples become enlarged and turn pinkish in color, it is the sign that the delivery time is approaching. During the last three weeks of pregnancy, she requires extra nutrition. You can give her puppy food which is good for her and puppies as well.

You should prepare a box where she can lie and easily deliver puppies. It should be wider and with railings. You can place plastic sheets and newspapers at the bottom so that the bed remains clean.

You should be alert and in emergency situations, call your vet. Sometimes dam suffer from still births and other problems.

After the puppies have been delivered, keep them warm and make sure that dam is able to nurse them properly. She will clean them by gently licking off. She will help them to position them for feeding.

After the pups have been birthed, write down their date of birth, number and their sex. This will help you in registration of your pups.

Clean the box, in which dam lies, regularly. You can use a synthetic padding material for her bed. Now-a-days, you can get comfortable pads which can be changed when soiled.

Watch the puppies as they are nursed by their mother. Check if they are kept warm and provided enough milk by the bitch. In four weeks, they will be super active and will start coming out of the box. This is the time when you will have to provide a bigger box.

When the pups turn 6 weeks of age, plan their first visit to the vet. He will give them puppy vaccinations and prescribe de-worming medications. He will also check their overall health.

Rest your bitch after one reproductive cycle. Do not breed her just for the sake of raising litters. The main purpose of breeding is improving breed. Therefore you should take precautions while selecting a suitable pair. Remember, if you do not have expertise in breeding; take the help of an experienced person who is knowledgeable enough in selecting the suitable pair.

Everyone desires for pure bred pups. However, specific characteristics can be found in mixed breeds. Now-a-days people are going for designer breeds in which pure breeds are cross bred for obtaining specific characteristics and qualities. 

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