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Brief Introduction To Buying A Puppy

25 Apr 2010 | by | Posted in: Puppy

Brief Introduction To Buying A Puppy

Buying a puppy is mostly an impulse thing. Let’s get a puppy, which breed, the discussion starts and finally the hunt begins and ends in no time. But there is more to it:

Firstly, one must understand that each breed is not just differentiated by size, colour, coat etc. It’s the different and at times unique traits each and every breed has, as they all have been developed to do a particular type of work for man in the past. One has to see if those traits match your personality and lifestyle. A mix match which is mostly seen between an owner and a particular dog breed is always uncomfortable or a pain and even more for the dog. So a great deal of importance must be given in choosing the right dog breed keeping in mind its requirements and yours and not just looks.

Secondly, one should buy only from reputed breeders who have time to talk to you regarding the breed, its needs, the parents and of course the puppy and its care. A responsible breeder will and should also be interested in the person buying the puppy and how he or she plans to keep it and if it will be a good match. The breeder should not just be interested in selling the pup. Yes, the breeder is doing it for money and for the love of the breed, but at the same time most good breeders would tell you that dog breeding is a passion and hobby and not really a business. Most reputed breeder will also most probably have a main business or job and the breeding of dogs as a side business if you may call it.


Thirdly, most people go see a litter of adorable pups, which all pups and any young of any animal for that matter of fact regardless of dog or donkey look adorable. They go ahead and find a pup which to them looks so sweet and we pick it up, not even realizing if that puppy is meant for them or not. Did you know there are ways of seeing which puppy will turn out how and one should try and see if you would be the right owner for that particular puppy with a particular type of personality, outward, shy, etc. Once again this is a completely different area which also needs to be explored by prospective puppy buyers. For example an over confident pup may be a handful for some to handle, depending on the breed.

Lastly, and the most important to me is the age of the pup. Once again it is seen that prospective puppy buyers, just go out there, see a litter and pick up a pup regardless of whether it is weaned off or still on mother’s milk. Most pups bought can barely walk around or run and are too young when bought. Age does play a vital role in the pup’s/ dog’s personality to be developed in the coming months and year. I have been noticing that when pups are taken away at about 6 or less weeks of age they mostly tend to have some behavioral problems. I have come across a number of Labradors which are know for their great temperament, but these individuals have become vicious. So what is the right age and why? The right age to get a puppy is when it is atleast 8 weeks or at the most 7 weeks plus. The reason for this is that the mother and the siblings teach the pup a lot during this time and it is very important for them to be together to turn up as stable individuals later on in life.


Another important observation is that generally breeders tend to try and sell their pups as soon as possible. This is also because as the pups grow they become a handful for the breeder to take care of and also the cost of feeding them can go up quite a bit specially in big dog breeds. So in order to make more profits, if you may call it so, the breeder sells the pups before they actually should be sold. But this is not solely the breeders doing. At times this is also heightened by the prospective puppy owners as they want a cheap puppy, so if you cut out the rearing part of the puppy which should be done by the breeder, you can get a cheaper puppy as the cost is then transferred to the new owner. But that is not right. Quality does come for a price and prospective owners should be ready to pay for it as the puppy they buy will generally live for the next 10 plus years with them and hence they should get a mentally sound, pure bred and genetically healthy puppy rather than a unhealthy one which may have problems later on in life, whether medical or behavioral. Also keep in mind that not all puppies out of champion parents will be show quality and one can get a pet quality puppy at a lower price from reputable breeders having pups out of champion parents.

Happy Hunting!!


Gopal Krishna
Great Information!!! I really appreciate your effort Sir.

Its true that most people do not know what they are doing... they just want an adorable puppy and dont even think that the breed suits their life or not... labs and golden retrievers are common pick by people and they really dont know retriever are full of energy and they need serious time of workout... hope people will start doing their homework before picking a puppy

By: Gopal Krishna | 27 Apr 2010

Great Information and timely article for me. I wanted to pick up my GR pup by 8 wks as I want to throughly socialize it before 12 wks. But My prospective breeder tells me that she doesnt let go of the pup before 9-10 Wks as she gets to know the temperament of the pup only by then and she will give the pup which would suit me . Also she says she wants to make sure the testcles have properly descended.
I read from Ian Dunbar that socializing has to be dont by 12 wks of age and the pup has to be socialized atleast with 100 people by then.

Is it ok to pick up the pup by 10 wks or is it too late?

By: karthik | 27 Apr 2010

Dinkar Singh
I am not that updated. What is GR pup. Its not late at all. May I ask who the breeder is. I am very happy to see that there are some ethical and good breeders who are concerned about the puppy and its future rather than just getting rid of them. If your pup is going to be a pet, then the testicles is not a problem, plus if only one descends it would be a pet quality pup and hence the price would be less.

By: Dinkar Singh | 27 Apr 2010

Hello Sir, Iam getting the GR pup from Radhika Chandra sekhar (Springfield Goldens Chennai). Iam very particular not to buy my pup from a back yard breeder. Iam willing to pay more for a quality pup (temperament/Health wise).The litter is expected in May.

My pup will primarily be one of my family members but Iam also planning to show him.

By: karthik | 27 Apr 2010

@Karthik - Like Dinkar I am also very pleased to hear of a good and ethical breeder who is concerned with whether the pup will suit you or not. For the awareness of the rest of the people and prospective pet buyers please provide the contact information and website, if any of Radhika Chandrasekhar - this will help a lot of first-time buyers. Thanks

By: Vikram | 27 Apr 2010

Very informative post Mr. Dinkar. Especially the issue of right age of the pup to get apart from her mother. Most people get puppy at very early age resulted in a lot of health/behaviour issues later.

By: Ansh | 27 Apr 2010

Navjot Singh
Thanks Dinker, it's very nice.

By: Navjot Singh | 19 Feb 2011

Mr. Chauhan
hello Dinkar Ji... what a description. This will really help most of the dog lover who are looking to buy pups for thier lovely home. Thanks for writing this... also looking ahead for more articles from you.... Happy writing!!!

By: Mr. Chauhan | 21 Feb 2011

I am thinking of buying a two month old LAB. The Breeder has said that it will take two months to get the certificates and Microchip. Is that the right amount of time? Do we need to take him to a VET before getting him home? Just to cross check everything. I have two kids I am anxious about their health.

By: Jyothi | 17 Jul 2011

Dinkar Singh
Any good breeder would have applied for the papers and microchip and should have got it by now. I would suggest taking the pup after a few weeks when the papers have come as generally these breeders will not give you the papers. Do see both the parents in person and not in pictures and if you like them then only decide on the pup. The parents should be healthy and also have good temperaments.

Do keep in mind that a lab specially as a pup can be quite an energetic dog breed and hope you have enough time and space for it, specially keeping in mind that you have 2 kids. Also keep in mind the ages of your kids and it a pup would be suitable or not right now.

By: Dinkar Singh | 17 Jul 2011

The breeder owns the father. I met the father and the puppy today. Both look fine to me. Planning to meet the mother tomorrow.They have applied for the chip and certificates, and we should be getting in a month or so.

My kids are 12 and 14. :)

I have the time and I think I have the space. The breeder says to put up a cage outside. But I am thinking of having him stay indoors at least for a while.

Thank you.

By: Jyothi | 17 Jul 2011

Dinkar Singh
If the pup is just 2 months old, it should have been with the mother. Have a look at the mother too, but in this case it is not necessary that the mother shown is actually the mother of the pups. Be careful as there is a lot of fraud these days.

Again the idea of a cage for a 2 month old pup outside does not say much about the breeder. So again be careful and buy not in a hurry.

By: Dinkar Singh | 18 Jul 2011

Thank you Dinkar ji,

I too decided the same. I didn't take the pup. There was something fishy in the breeders dealings. So I backed off. This is going to be my first puppy, I am going to look for more professional breeders, even if more expensive. But only when I am absolutely ready.

Thank you for the support.

By: Jyothi | 18 Jul 2011

very true nicely written and idealistic blog. A good breeder ask a huge money which is actually correct, coz for selective n fine breeding, grooming he needs to invest a lot. While on other had half hearted dog lover (u may find a lot of them in this site also) who are dying to purchase a female pup at low rate and later they are flooding the market with poorly bred pups that to offering them at almost half of a good breed price. Getting female for them is a way to get easy money.
Now choice is very lucrative for a common / novice buyer. Hey will pay 10-11 k for a rottie rather than contacting a good breeder whose tag swings between 25k-55k.
similarly a poorly breed boxer with abnormal muzzle but good marking is avl at 7k-10k
while if u contact the choosen one they costs you 25k-45k.
See such a big margin..
So for we Indian who r always looking for festive offers , discounts and Sale, no one can doubt that. If good breeders will not take their responsibilities/love/duties for rise and growth of their beloved breeds how they are going to recognized.
Our laws are not strict, every tom dick harry is making money by selling poorly bred pups and good breeds are not approachable...

By: arpan | 29 Oct 2011

thank you. i know more information from your article, before taking puppy......especially rottweiler.

By: rajendraprasad | 02 Nov 2011

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