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19 Feb 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Move over Stan, here comes our very own cyberstar Bruno to claim his fame in the cyber space. Those who are not able to relate to Stan, here is a quick introduction. Stan in the name of the Border Collie on Disney Channel production who talks and owns a blog. The show is called ‘Dog with a Blog’.
beagle dog
Bruno, an adorable Beagle is also a proud owner of his very own blog. He will give you an interesting bird’s eye view to his life. You can see his everyday diary on This blog tells about his journey from the day he came into his parents’ home to his everyday problems of being disturbed on daily basis in this bitter cold to go for a walk or how his mother wakes now and then to take his pictures, something he has not been able to understand the fascination for.
We thought you will love to hear more from this handsome little pooch a little more. So we took his interview and here are some of the excerpts from his interview.
dog sleeping
Q.  How old are you Bruno and where do you live?
Bruno: Hi, I was born on 24th May, 2008. I am 5.5 years old now. I live with my parents in Gurgaon, I came to them when I was 32 days old. Since then this is my home; and a happy home.
Q. Do you enjoy the north India weather?
Bruno: In Gurgaon, I must say the weather goes to extremes - both in Summer and in Winter. Winters are too cold but bearable, I like winters. In Summers, it is very difficult to even walk outside and walk is mandatory for me. Sometimes there is a risk of getting hit by a heatstroke. I do enjoy all weathers but extreme summers are really painful for me.
Q. What are your favourite activities throughout the day?
Bruno:  I love playing, eating good food usually made by my mother and of course sleeping. I get bored easily and I am so enthusiastic, energetic and playful. So I like playing a lot with my parents. Once I am tired, I love to sleep.
Q. What do you have in your meals? Which is your favourite food?
Bruno:  I have dog food – Pedigree and Royal Canin are the ones I have tried. I have tried very few of Eukanaba and also a packet of Venky's. I like dog food with boiled egg. These days my mother has started giving me boiled bottle gourd with dog food and I love it. I like omelette also which my mother makes for me. Occasionally, my mother also does this - beats a banana and an egg together and makes an omelette with that paste. That is so delicious!
Q. I am sure there are a lot of people in the house who love you but who is your favourite amongst them or the one that pampers you the most?
Bruno:  At my home, my mother and father are there. They are the most loving parents in the world. My mother loves me so much but is a little strict, my father is chilled out and he allows me to do any kind of mischief. He also does a lot of mischief with me; both of us together play a lot and make the house dirty also by playing with different toys and we never keep it back. My mother also is very good but she is just concerned that I will be spoiled and will learn bad habits, so she controls me.
Q. What prompted you to start your own blog?
Bruno:  I want to talk to a lot of people. I am a privileged dog to have a home for myself. A lot of people are afraid of dogs and they teach their children that dogs bite. When I go for my walks, I often hear quite a few mothers telling their kids 'no no, don't go closer to the dog, he will bite you'. Why should someone do that! So, I thought it will be good if I have my blog and I am able to speak to many people. That way I guess, if many people start reading the blog or the site, slowly may be the fear of dogs will start going away. It is fine if they don't like dogs and don't adopt one, but they should not fear dogs.
Q. Do you like getting your pictures clicked?
Bruno:  Oh No! I don't like anyone clicking my pictures at all!!! My mother keeps clicking my pictures I don't know why. Always, every pose of mine she has to capture. I don't like that flash, I don't want to see that red light flashing on me. Once in a while its fine but I don't like to get clicked all the time! Please!
Q. Do you have friends in the neighbourhood?
Bruno:  Yes, I do. I stay in an apartment. On my floor itself there are two dogs in one apartment, both are Labradors. There used to be a Russian poodle also in another apartment, but he passed away of a heart attack a few years back. He was old also so it was not an unexpected death. There are many other dogs in our colony but I don't like all of them. There are very few I like and am friends with. I do meet some of them on my walk time also. I really like some of them very much, but some I just don't like.

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