The perfect crawling pair

13 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Ever thought about a dog teaching a kiddo to crawl? Won’t it be hilarious? Here’s a cheerful Buddy, teaching Allie to crawl!

Buddy and Allie – The perfect crawling pair!image 1


Are you having troubles with your baby? Do you need a great nanny to make your baby the smartest, kindest, most cheerful baby ever? Then do contact Buddy, the super nanny! Buddy is the good-humored, cheerful, loving, faithful nanny ever who will go that extra mile to make your baby the happiest baby ever. So if you want a nanny like that, then contact Buddy without delay.

There is just this one thing. Buddy is not human…In fact, he is the cutest dog ever! And who better than a dog to take care of your baby? No one can love your baby better than your dog. Your dog will love and cherish and protect your baby with everything he has got. There is no love any purer!

image 2


Besides, there cannot be a more dedicated and patient teacher, either. Just look at Buddy here! When baby girl Allie flails her legs and windmills her arms in the hopes of some forward linear displacement but learns that displacement isn’t happening so easily, she isn’t very pleased. But Buddy, ever so encouraging, first nuzzles her and tries pushing her forward. But when that does not work, Buddy lays down on his tummy and shows Allie how to do the perfect Olympic-standards crawl, with his back legs not moving at all, and front paws doing all the work. Buddy displays his crawling skills while baby Allie watches with reverence.

Well, with Buddy’s zeal and expert training, in no time Allie will be able to crawl like a pro. And I’m sure it’s not going to stop just there. Bubby looks like he’s all ready to train his protégé to become the cutest, most cheerful, adorable little baby doll princess ever. And little Allie looks all ready to become the model baby too! This has to be the best nanny/baby duo ever!

So peeps, if you don’t have a pooch at your place yet, the do get one and feel the change in your lives. Know how it feels to be loved unconditionally and protected fiercely. Whatever love you shower on your pet, he shall return it a million times over. There is no love purer than that of a dog’s…and no protection more given from the heart than his. There’s no one who can love your loved ones with more zeal than your pooch, just like Buddy loves his baby girl Allie!

Click here to watch the video of the perfect pair crawling .


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