Bull Dog Pup Plays All By Herself [Video]

21 Jul 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Puppies are nature's remedy for feeling unloved, plus numerous other ailments of life - Richard Allan Palm

The biggest of joys and the most beautiful of memories are the ones that are associated with the little puppies. With their own special antics, games and innocence, puppies amaze us and melt our hearts! One of the cutest of puppies are English Bulldogs. With their deep, soulful eyes, rose ears, and the most innocent expressions, English Bulldogs puppies are one of the most playful and entertaining ones around. They are a pure joy and one can spend hours watching their little antics to entertain their folks and themselves.


In this video, Candy, the sweet little English Bulldog puppy, does not have another friend to play with. So she decides to play on her own. Her soft barks and naughty eyes show off her playful yet gentle side.

English Bulldogs are wide, medium sized, compact dogs with short legs. With a massive head and extra skin on the skull and forehead, Bulldogs have a wide muzzle and deep set eyes. Though their looks might be intimidating, English Bulldogs are one the gentlest, most determined dogs and are ideal as family pets. Many would find them funny in a way. 

If you have a video of your puppy playing, do share it wth us!

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