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The feeling of saving a life and ensuring a permanent family for them is sometimes beyond expression. This elation is never rightly observed until experienced directly. is overjoyed over completing our first adoption through the newly launched Adoptions page on the website. 


Buster the Indian Mastiff


It is a beautiful irony that the world presented to us by having our very own native dog breed to be our first successful adoption. If you are well connected in the animal rescue circle of Delhi, then this dog could not have missed your notice. Sprawling across all social media as well as bulk e-mailers, all activists and philanthropists joined hands (as they so often do) to ensure that a promising and loving family is found for this handsome dog. 


Buster was found loitering around Terminal 1-D of the Indira Gandhi International Airport of Delhi with no claim. It seemed like a very evident abandon tactic by someone, presumably from the neighbouring villages. Being a ‘Bully Kutta’, a breed known to be highly popular amongst the illegal dog-fighting circuit in India, it was not unhealthy to claim that his previous owners might have had quite gore intentions for the poor soul. 


The first few people who interacted with the rescued dog could not believe that he was a ‘fighter breed’ seeing how his tail never stopped wagging out of gratitude. Another assumption for him was that due to his jovial nature and highly sociable temperament, he may have been deemed ‘unfit’ for winning fights resulting in the desertion of the dog. 


The Lucky One Out Of Millions

The fact that a dog’s looks decides their ultimate fate, in both commercial and rescue livestock industry, is not accepted so easily by some  pseudo-animal lovers. To throw some light on this statement, the beautiful face with cropped ears and heavy skull attracted many potential parents who wanted to manifest their ‘masculinity’ to reflect on the dog or have a perceived protector of the kin who plan to adopt them. 


Then came along Mr. Brijesh Tripathi as one of the individuals who was keen in adopting  this dog. Why we picked him over other candidates has an interesting answer to it. Brijesh is a family man who was primarily interested in a Rottweiler puppy that was available on the website. We give utmost respect to him as it is people like him who are refuting the perception of ‘naturally aggressive’ dogs and choosing to share time, space and capital with such breeds. 

After a long detailed conversation with him explaining the unavailability of the Rottweiler pup, it did not take us more than  15 minutes or so to convince him of adult dogs being equally compassionate and trainable as the puppies. One of the critical misconceptions,  which need to be nipped in the bud, is that ‘an old dog cannot learn new tricks’. 



After finding the right family whose voice had the conviction necessary to ensure the welfare of such a dog, the adoption process was cooler than a breeze. The adoption process is quite streamlined at where the interested party would click the ‘Interested’ button under the dog’s profile and an e-mail would be sent to them which includes the ‘Adoption Form’. After having screened them intensively, our team passes on the shortlisted candidates to the foster parent of the animal in question. 



Buster And His New Home


There can be no greater joy can there be than to see both, a dog and a family, find themselves each other’s company for the indefinite future. So has been the case for Buster and Brijesh like many other rescue dogs and adoptive parents in the country. It is also a matter of slight luck in such cases where the intense pre-screening pays off and the hard work reflects on the longevity of pet keeping. After finding himself into the home and hearts of Brijesh and family, we received a wonderful e-mail with updates of his health and temperament. 


First impression of Buster was no less than a puppy’s; a ‘ball of energy’ with ‘tireless stamina’ besides a few physical illnesses initially. His vet check informed us of low platelets, RBC and haemoglobin so definite medical attention was required from the new family. In addition, his jovial attitude with a little pent up energy convinced the humans of the pack to work upon some training with him. 

As Buster had not socialized with too many humans, his demeanour and joy reflected upon his behaviour for the entire day at home. But the misconceptions that come with an adult Bully Kutta were all dispelled when they discovered that Buster was just a like a  puppy in a giant tough dog’s body. His apprehension to stimuli was least expected and his new family was surprised to see him scared of elementary objects like a spray can, guitar, chair and the likes. 

We were overjoyed when Brijesh informed us that he felt he made the right decision in picking an adult instead of a puppy, based on our suggestion, because him and his wife are a working couple and would not have had the time and energy that is required to devote for the right upbringing of a puppy. 


Here are a few more statements quoted directly from Brijesh, whose house Buster lives in:

He is very happy in the house and is loveable and is thankful that he is a part of it. Little does he know(or maybe he does) that so do we! I'm really thankful to, Poonam(the one who initially found & fostered him), Rajiv (from the shelter where I got him from) and all involved for making this happen. 

I'm happy to have made this decision to adopt a dog rather than buy a puppy. He needed it more than a puppy. We needed him more than a puppy. I've been a proponent of adoption and  Buster has only made it a stronger case for me. Lastly (and indeed not the very least) I'd like to say, I was looking for a dog to adopt and found Buster but in reality, it is Buster who found me.”


It must be a joy for Buster and his family to have the perfect and understanding companionship for the eternal future. One of the most enthralling experiences for me personally is that after repeated pitches to hundreds of people, there is one person comes around and understands the idea and advantages behind and adult neutered dog. 

The most essential element is that the owners do not have to go through the testing puppy phase of a dog. This is the phase  where a lot of time and energy is required on your hands to ensure the right upkeep and conditioning (training) of the dog. 

Getting an adult ensures a composed state of mind and equally willing attitude to be trained unlike old myths. Having your adult dog neutered adds to the charm as it lowers chances of various STD’s, cancers and other diseases. More importantly, the level of intensity and aggression is significantly lowered in a neutered/spayed dog. 



About DogSpot Adoptions

For those readers who have not yet been introduced to this new service, Adoptions at, is a pan-India portal for accessing rescued dogs and cats, showcased on one platform that is common for multitude of animal welfare entities, both registered and independent. The ultimate aim of this facility is to aid animal activists as well as families looking for pets by streamlining the process and offering to consolidate all data at one domain. In addition, this platform also aims at educating and informing the masses about how adoption is not taboo. It hopes to make people more open to rescuing and adopting of homeless creatures in need instead of mindless purchasing from profit-minded puppy traders. 

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a pet for yourself, please visit the Adoption Portal or write to us at

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