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30 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Q&A

Hello everyone, I have some very sad news. Our 4 month old Labrador puppy died last week. He was sleeping & never woke up, the Vet says that it had to be his heart.

Now we are looking for either a Golden Retriever or a Labrador, we did consider a street dog but have been advised by friends (who have 4 street dogs) & vets against keeping them with young ones in the house. Since we have had a real bad experience by adopting from friends we deceided to pick a dog from one of the breeders on this & other boards. I was shocked to find the price variance 12k-40k. I need your advice on how to go about getting a dog from good breeders with good record of breeding healthy pets. I stay in Gurgaon/Delhi & would really like to pick a puppy from around here or neighbouring areas.



am not advising u but just like to share smething. even i had the same opinion abt indian dogs but right now got 2 indian pups 2 and 4 mnths old. got kids at home and never had any kind of problem. infact these dogs hve gr8 immune system so no unexpected heart breaks.
no vet advises to go for indian dogs coz they rarely fall sick, so how will their shops run.
but yes desi dogs aint got any nuisance value. we cant show them to our friends saying look this is "the dog".

By: abhay | 02 May 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Abhay said right as they are more strudy than purebred they will be surely a loss for the
but if you plan to get one home.. give him a nice wash with RIDD and then have him given SHOTS..
They are great loyal and nice family dogs. Excellent watch/guard one too.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 02 May 2009

Dinkar Singh
NCR has a lot of breeders, but first of all please do your research on the breed properly and its requirements as in care, bathing, medicines, tick and flee powders/liquids, diet, size etc. You have mentioned Golden Retreiver and Lab. They are two different types of dogs. The Golden being bigger and also having longer coat which would require regular grooming. Both breeds require proper exercise that is atleast twice a day long walk or allowed to run and play in the park. Also take into account the space you have at home. You cannot keep these dogs tied up or locked up its not fair on them.

Plus you mentioned small children I think. Remember no matter what breed you have you cannot leave them unattended/ supervised with children. As pups dogs dont know what is right and what is wrong. They will also be teething and trying to chew or bite anything and everything.

Another thing keep in mind is training. Not any fancy commands but the basic obedience you need to teach any dog no matter what breed. Do you have the time as small children are a full time job.

Dogs and pups look cute, but they too are a full time job and get one only after you are willing to put in the time and effort. If you have not kept a dog before get a friends dog for a week and see what all one has to do.

A stray and a pedigree dog can both do damage to a child if not trained properly and kept under supervision. Its not always the dogs fault. Children can be quite nasty to dogs at times unknowingly also. Bite the dogs ear, slap it, etc. Strays actually make better watchdogs and yes I feel are healthier.

As for good breeders, you must see both parents and they should be friendly and you should be able to handle them both. If the parents look health and are living in a healthy environment then the chances of the breeder looking after the dogs is good. The pups also should be full of energy and good healthy and clean. Check for the parents being registered with the Kennel Club of India. Ask if they have been shown and what prizes they have won. If both parents are champions then the price will be more. Please keep in mind that a lot of backyard breeders/ agents are there in Delhi/NCR and it is generally those dogs you should not be buying even if they are cheaper.

Champion parents mean that the parents are good dogs and good representatives of their respective breed. Mr. Mukul Vaid has some lovely Goldens just imported and they have pups but then they will be expensive. He is a good breeder and now a judge. He stays in Sainik farms. Lab breeder there is Mr. Sharma who has good dogs. I can look for numbers and forward it to you if you want.

Another thing Goldens there are very few good breeders in the country so prices can be a bit more from good reputable breeders.

Please do your homework about the breed and only then go ahead. All the best. and if you require any more advise let me know. These breeds are a commitment for a good 12 odd years.

By: Dinkar Singh | 02 May 2009

To Dinkar: Can you send me a list of breeders in Delhi / NCR at ? Breed preferences are GSD or Lab. Thanks in advance.

By: Shailinder | 21 Sep 2009

Dinkar Singh
Contact the local KCI representatives....

By: Dinkar Singh | 21 Sep 2009

Great. But now how do I find out the local representative ? Can you tell me anyone in and around Dwarka ? Thanks in advance

By: Shailinder | 21 Sep 2009

Thanks for the information Dinkar. I would try to search and contact these people. One more thing, what would be ideal cost for an pet quality lab male / female or GSD male / female ? Since you know about all this I want a generic / average type cost. Hoping for an answer for this as well. Thanks in advance.

By: Shailinder | 21 Sep 2009

Dinkar Singh
The average cost would be about 10K can be less also, but go for something around 10k and good parents after seeing them yourself.

By: Dinkar Singh | 09 Feb 2010

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