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12 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Puppy

Buying a puppy is an experience in it self!! I am looking out for a HEALTHY GSD puppy in delhi from last couple of months. I have tried many possibilities, this hunt has encountered me with so many dog traders so called breeders.

NEVER get impressed by the sales pitch which these traders through up. But let me think first why do we get to the traders why not straight to the breeders. The resons can be as following:

  1. Known breeders sale puppies costlier than unknown breeders.
  2. Unknown breeders do not have a retail presence and they do not know how to raise and market puppies so they take help from the pet-shops or puppy traders.
  3. The trader buys puppies in a bigger lot from the breeder and sale them at relatively lower price.
  4. Another reason is, the trader is connected to many number of suppliers (breeders), this helps trader to maintain the availability throughout the year. Breeders may not have puppies when you need them.

I have tried many times contacting the breeders but I end up buying puppies from the Traders tho with good knowledge of dog world I hate buying from the traders. I know I will have to compromise with the quality. For me it has always been the availability to get puppies from the Pet shops. I have myself been a breeder and I hate when Traders start speaking lies in their sales pitch, to claim to be breeder. 

Its a Dirty Retailing!! However only honesty survives for long 



dsouza sales joseph
i m in need of lasa male puppy will u arrang for me i m waitig

By: dsouza sales joseph | 06 Jun 2008

Benny Kennels
Fine, as Rana as rightly pointed out availability is the first criteria and the price is the other criteria for people to choose the pet shop or traders. You can also add to this the lack of knowledge of the first time dog searchers. There is no set of data base available about the genuine breeders in India. New dog searchers are left blindfolded and only visible thing for them when they talk about dogs are the pet shop owners. So without any research they step into the shop and get what ever they feel healthy or good looking.

So what we really can do is to decrease the gap between the breeders and the searchers. One thing can be a site like this, where in a breeder can advertise about their breeding and showcase their dogs and by then can contact the dog lovers directly. But what the real problem that comes in is, the people could not differentiate between the real breeders and brokers or middlemen who call them as breeders. I my self confused many times mistaking a middleman for a breeder. Only after series of questions i could find that he is a middleman. It is difficult even for a experienced person like me, then think of the first timers.
So I thought of starting a consultancy for pets that to for dogs in particular. I have a good database of real time and genuine breeders. If some one want any detail or breeder list they can contact me by paying a very minimal yearly fees. I can supply them with really good breeders list to them. I am not a middle man here. The people can talk them self directly to the breeders. With this we can somewhat eliminate the middlemen.

For the initial period I have decided not to charge any fees for this service.
Apart from this you can get tips/articles/books (lending) on dog training, health, showing, show handing and what not....
Let us see if it can help.

Expecting breeders and buyer co-operation in this process.

Thank you

By: Benny Kennels | 29 Jan 2009

Nolin Chitnis
Both breeders and traders have reduced a loving animal to a profit earning commodity. Adopt pets and put both these categories out of business. Let there be more ethical ways of making money.

By: Nolin Chitnis | 16 May 2010

Vishtaspa Irani
i m lookin out for a mate for my Male INKC registered Himalyan Sheepdog to b mated after 6 months. i live in mumbai.

By: Vishtaspa Irani | 16 Jun 2010

2benny kennel- where can i buy good rottweiler of french mastiff. i am from chennai.

By: deepesh | 21 Oct 2010

vikas suryavanshi
hey mr rana....i faced the same problem thats y?i have opened a kennel for people ....who want fruad free pups...and we are dog ;lover....not just to earn money we are doing breeding for our community dogs and our rott...we are giving fraud free pups and we want to improve the standard fo rott....and people which real dog lover and they wanna really take care of pups and dogs...and they wont suffer...from the problem generally people face....ausdershwetkang kennel is the reply...come and visit our kennel..and you will be satisfy...i am sure about rana...

By: vikas suryavanshi | 15 Dec 2010

Bakul Bhatt
dear all,
as i think if you are going to buy a pup, first you should learn yourself,you should know what you wan't to get, money should not be matter, if it is you should be ready to compromise for quality,you have a little bit chance that you get very good quality at chip price, but if you want high quality you must be ready to pay more,
hope you all can understand what i mean to say,

By: Bakul Bhatt | 19 Jul 2011

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