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12 Jun 2012 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Hi All,

The reason we are all on dogspot is cuz we all luv dogs and animals in general. And we want to love them and get love from return...

But very often in the process of "finding" the love frm our favourite animal-dogs, we do injustice to a lot other dogs, whom we hv never even met. How???

Here its how it goes, after wanting to have a puppy of my own, meeting several breeders/traders/pet shop ppl; after being in touch with SGACC, Red Paws rescue, Friendicoes, I have realised that many of dog enthusiast look for having a dog...often too impulsive to hv one...they find out frm the Net(since internet is the easiest source to even kids now...locanto, quikr, olx been easily accisible...) and you call up a few adds frm the website...decide to meet someone who gives the best idea and the back ground of the puppy and the breed...

on meeting, you see the cutest puppy on the planet...

you instantly fall in love with it...the way the puppy plays wid you, touches you, it becomes impossible for you to let go...

THis is the time, you need to be using your MIND more than you heart...

This is the time you need to use your research (which you must hv done beforehand...)

This is the time to ask the breeder/trader/pet shop guy a few questions:

1) BACKGROUND of  the puppy-

    - The details of the mother and father

    - Their  temperament

    - Their current status, age, health, location. etc

  NOTE- if the breeder is genuine, he will most probably take you to the mother of the pups, and the father can be with him or his friend/relative. Who you must go and 

               check. If the breeder says, the parents can not be shown since they are imported...ASK A FEW MORE QUESTIONS...

1) Which country has it been imported?

    since it has come in from a different country, ask for the FLIGHT DETAILS OF THE PUPPY. They must have it...

    Registration Papers? or The Documents they must have shown to the customes of the departing country and to the Indian Custom.

***Many TRADERS lie about the parents when the parents do not have proper breed characterictics or temperament or age. or When the Mother is crossed with a different breed (which they do not want to mention to you)

***Many TRADERS go to BANGKOK-CHATUCHAK maket and buy pets from there and sell it here in India saying Thailand Import.

In this market, you find any and every FANCY breed for cheap rates. The pup look Great. And any1 would luv to hv the pup. Bt the SOURCE FROM where the PUPS come is something YOU NEED to find out. it could be PUPPY MILL ALSO.

REGARDING PUPPY MILLS; its the worst thing a human can do to the living beings...do your research on this matter. And YOU are buying a puppy that comes from a puppy mill, then its YOU who is contributing to their pain buy creating a DEMAND. Remember, if there is DEMAND there is supply...



***a price of the puppy doesnt indicate the health of the puppy. which means, a puppy that comes very expensive doesnt mean, the health is guaranteed and the puppy tht u get for free of less price doesnt mean tht the puppy is inferior. bt a few of my friends have had issues when they were given the pups for free...so you need to check out the history of the puppy's parents, the owners in general...***


You need to ask for the KCI registation and MICROCHIP, if the breeder says that the puppy is registered.

Although it is just a pc of paper and it can easily b manipulated.

having KCI registration doesnt guarantee the wellness of the puppy nor "not having KCI papers" means the puppy is not good....


This is very very important.

Ask your breeder about the health guarantee.

In india, even if you hv it written, the law system is so tidious, it becomes diffiuclt to find the justice. Still you can try your best to test the waters.

eg. if the breeder is sure of the puppy he will give you a guarantee and if there are issues, he will be manipulative...Again, you have to be smart on this point.

a guarantee means not just a written assurance like i mentioned. but its the confidence and the surity which u can feel while talking about the puppy


I feel there are many more points...but these are the basic point to stop PUPPY MILLS and also to STOP THE TRADERS to cheat dog lovers.

Any suggestions will be appreciated...


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