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Buying a puppy / dog from Foreign Countries.

28 Feb 2013 | by Nitesh D Shah | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Among a lot of enquiries for importing dogs to India, few were willing to the advice of going personally or sending someone to pick the puppy from the country of orgin. This is always better as the price is slightly high but the results always good as one can know the breeder's environment, the temperament of parents of the puppy (very crucial) & clarity of papers, upbringing etc. In individual selection of Breeders of different breeds of dogs one really has to be careful as many people have suffered when they order dogs from abroad, when one goes personally we can check if the puppy's health whether its complete i.e. is not cryptorchid or monorchid. Also one can pick the type of temperament required along with seeing the Sire & Dam. Many a times a client should be made to understand that if one cannot see both the parents, especially the Dam we cannot assimilate how the puppy will be. If the breeder is good it will give the puppies necessary enviorment for them to grow as confident dogs. Please do not think that if we buy a puppy from foreign shores we are going to get the best, each country has its share of swindlers. Finally, the puppy / dog comes as an accompanied / excess baggage along with you & wherein you always inform the Captain (Pilot) directly about animal on board so the temperature of the hold in the aircraft is maintained accordingly, in certain countries pets have died when shipped as Unaccompanied Baggage (Cargo) as the Hold Temperature was not maintained for a pet dog. Here in India for dogs shipped as Unaccompanied Baggage (Cargo) are subject to Customs duties and taxes, Fine and penalty.

Though expensive, i have done this for a few clients & they have been extremely happy; i first understand their requirements of the breed & purpose and then send them the breeders information suitable to their needs. In the past few years experience has taught me that international ads of certain breeders though impressive they disappear or become ex communicado when i have mailed that i intend coming personally to receive the puppy & see their kennels. Truly all this takes time but its worth it in the end.

Remember this puppy is going to live with you for a decade or more. Further more you stand much less chance of being cheated or having sent a puppy according to the breeder's will & not the puppy you may have chosen by picture or mail etc.

nitesh shah ( avinitigroup@yahoo.com)

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