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11 Mar 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag News

 I live with two female dogs, Bulbul - 11, labrador, yellow; and Ginger - 3.5, labrador - mix, yellow.

Bulbul came to us when she was already 4 and a pyometra patient, with a heart condition which rendered her unfit for surgery. That was when we decided to get Ginger spayed so that she doesn't have to suffer the same problem ever.

So, amidst heavy parental pressure, we got her spayed at a reputed place three months ago. While the surgery was on, I had to tell the doctor's assistant to get flies off Ginger a couple of times.


After some time, she starting wetting her bed, which the doctor termed as Spay induced incontinence, without even touching her. She was given estrogen shots, but to no avail. Once I specifically asked him to physically examine Ginger, and he gave me some lame excuse about why that is not required and gave another estrogen injection to her.

That was when I decided to change her vet, and apparently, she has a tumour in her spleen which is manifesting in wet beds, fever and lack of appetite, and her previous vet did not even bother listening to me when I used to tell him about her...

Now she needs another surgery and soon. I hate watching her wasting away. She was such a bubbly girl. Never stayed still for more than 5 minutes and now she needs assistance getting into a car.

I am not sure if spaying resulted in tumour, but the vet was callous at the least. I had to ask him to physically examine her, and he would just pat her. I had to ask him several times before to have some tests done on her.

Whenever I go there, I find him more interested in the more 'glamorous' work he does, than look at the mere mortals like us. Things that get media attention is what he is more interested in. And if I disclose his name, several people here would be up in arms against me, to tell me how he is an angel and a God given gift for all animals.

I just wish people look at the real picture and not go by what they read in the papers. I made that mistake and my heart breaks every time I look at my mutt. Now she has to go through several painful tests and a surgery to remove the tumour. And this time I am determined not to make the same mistake and make sure I get the best for my girl.


shilpesh bade
Thanks for giving such kind of information for genral

By: shilpesh bade | 11 Mar 2010

U should let everybody know his name so that no other dog suffers.

By: Runni | 11 Mar 2010

Avisek Dasgupta
And you haven't even written where in India you are located, which means just the way that you could be anywhere in India the same way this "GREAT" vet can be anywhere too. So I may be taking my kids to him without even being aware that he is the same guy you gave you so much trouble. Similarly many others may be going to him unknowingly. This puts thousands of dogs in danger. Also the fact that you are not are telling his name will make each of us look at our vet with suspicion. So I urge you to kingly tell us who the vet is or at least in which city he is located.

By: Avisek Dasgupta | 11 Mar 2010

Neetika Khoda
@ Everyone,
I am really sorry I cannot reveal the vet's name, however, I can tell you my location. Delhi. And the vet runs an NGO. That is all I can disclose I am sorry.
My purpose of writing in was to tell everyone to research the vet they are taking their pooches to instead of just following word of mouth.
One must visit the place before they decide to let a vet do some serious work on their dogs. I made a mistake of going by one person's recommendation and was thoroughly impressed by the website the place has. And my instincts kicked in only when my dog was on the operation table with her abdomen open. And I can't ever forgive myself for this.
All I am saying is, do not trust the vet blindly, cross check, double check everything even if it means you sound rude. I am the only pet owner at her current vet clinic who insists on having every single anti-biotic injection, every medicine in writing. I trust her current vet, but I would never let anyone be callous towards my pooches ever again.

By: Neetika Khoda | 11 Mar 2010

I can very well understand your position....I believe you are talking about Dr. should not hesitate in putting up your opinion because you are not doing anything wrong....
you are a patient (dog) and you have the right to complain and also ask as many questions as possible.......

By: Prakash | 11 Mar 2010

Neetika Khoda
yes Prakash I am talking about Dr. Sharma. I really wish there was something I could do about it, but what I experienced is not enough to bring him to book, I have no proof...

By: Neetika Khoda | 12 Mar 2010

My Tiger had Tick fever but this guy after treating him continously for a complete 18 days was not able to identify that.

It was only after he passed away "bled to death in front of my own eyes" that I started investigating and wrote to roughly around to 35 Vets all around the world and only after the initial symptoms eveyone responded with just one answer "Tick Fever".

This guy when I was visited "Tigers" grave even after 1 week of his death was still uncertain and was guessing the reasons for his death.

Unfortunately, I did not have any record what so ever for the treatment done by him and also it took me 2 months to come out for the reason for the death of My Tiger.

By: Prakash | 12 Mar 2010

Neetika Khoda
I am really sorry for your loss buddy. I am just glad my Ginie is lucky to move out in time.

By: Neetika Khoda | 13 Mar 2010

heard about such problem a lot. Does a vet not give a prescription mentioning what treatment he is doing, what he diagnose, what injections he is injecting?
IF not that its gross violation of medical science.

By: Justice4all | 13 Mar 2010

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