Whoever said you cannot buy happiness, never bought a puppy

11 Mar 2008 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag


"Whoever said you cannot buy happiness, never bought a puppy"

It must be understood that, like individual, dogs come with their own set of peculiarities & you gradually learn to love them for those. Their high energy level, their innocent mischief and loving ways will bind them to you forever. Like a child, a dog also needs intelligent handling. It is true; you can tell al lot about the person by judging the dog. All dog owners would agree that it is of vital importance of training a dog for discipline & defining limits for him.

You grow with him & He grows with you. You learn to understand his moods & needs, and he adjusts to yours. No wonder they say dogs are best companions man can have. Dogs are very sensitive to your moods. I know the gloomy days, when I would sit alone in the courtyard & Oli would come and sit close to me…leaning against my legs…Poking me with his nose to scratch his ears…Words were not important & yet I would feel comforted. Just look into those brown eyes of theirs… any dog’s for that matter, and all you will find in them would be a longing …innocent helpless longing to be loved.

A pup can be the best gift that can be given to a child. The bond that develops is one that lasts for a lifetime. Also, I believe it will be one of the best way to teach the kid about love, understanding & being sensitive to others needs and being responsible for someone.

So here is the question I haven’t been able to answer to myself. Is it better to have had a pet, that was so much a part of your life, that even thinking about its not being there anymore makes your heart heavy, or never to have experienced those moments of sheer madness & joy, that only a canine can bring & to never have felt the pain of losing a beloved??

Pets are not replaceable. The saddest part is that dogs have a short lifespan. Death of a pet is a heart wrenching experience. One never recover’s from it. To have your best friend dying like that is not easy to take…and what’s more, there is only little you can do about it. They give you so much joy & are so intimate with your life, that their absence is something like a piece of missing puzzle. You don’t feel complete.
All this comes with a warning.

I would never forget the times, when my Oli could not stop dancing for joy, when we returned from a week long vacation. It was almost like dancing, barking, & jumping madly all around us was just not enough for him to express the joy of having us back… Can any human be that expressive…? Show (for that matter, Feel…) that pure joy…!!!

Oli, as we fondly named him was a cute Pomeranian, different from the rest of his breed by way of his stronger, more ruggedly built doggy frame, stout legs & broader muzzle. Neither of us had the faintest idea of how our lives would change, of how, years later, everything would come to remind us of the dog who had become an integral part of our lives. Be it the corner of the door…a platform so small and narrow, it was a wonder how he managed to fit-in his butt there, without falling off, or the diwali crackers, which used to be scary episode for him.

He was only five months old when his owners decided to relocate him. That was when my father decided to adopt him, and that was how our family of four found the fifth member.


Yeah I completely agree that Death of a pet is a heart wrenching experience.

By: Admin | 11 Mar 2008

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