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Caring for Canines During Rains [Article]

05 Sep 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

Rainy seasons are always welcome after the scorching heat. However for every pet parent its a real downer as rains mean that the pets have to stay indoors. As a responsible pet parent, one should prepare your pet for the rainy season. 

During rains the biggest problem that pet parents would face is that the daily activities of the dogs get limited and that they become highly susceptible to infections and stress. One would have to make sure that our furry little friends get ample exercise and play time activities inside the house even during rainy season so that they do not stress out.

Rainy Season brings out a whole new range of smells and sounds for your dog to explore and experience with you. With the rain cleaning away the surroundings, the biggest problem is the water puddles and the wet grass that can lead to a lot of health issues for your pooch.

We bring to you a few tips to take care of your furry friend this rainy season:

raincoatsImage source: Jetsetpets.com

Dry Fur at all times:

The biggest discomfort that our pooches can face is when their fur is damp or wet. Wet or damp fur is the playground for fungal and bacterial infections. As a pet parent, you will have to ensure that once your dog is back home from a walk in the rainy weather, he / she is given a good towel rub, especially under the ears, in between the paws and the abdomen. If the dog still feels damp, you may use a hair dryer to blow dry the paws and the fur. You may also want to try the option of raincoats for your pooch. 

Regular baths

Rain water is relatively clean, however the water on the roads and parks isn’t. Giving a dog a bath during the rainy season can be a difficult job. One moment they are clean and the next, rolling in a puddle in the garden. During rainy season, dry baths for the dogs will be more useful. There are a number of products available such as wipes and shampoos like PetHead, PetKin, Beaphar etc. that can be used during rainy season.

Clean paws

Paws are the most sensitive and exposed parts in a dogs body. Since the paws are always touching the ground, they come in contact with all sorts of elements that can lead to infection. During rainy season, you may want to get protective waterproof shoes or boots for your dogs. This will keep their paws clean and dry. In case you are unable to get boots, it will be advisable that after walks, a dry towel is used to clean the paws and dry them off so as to ward off fungal infection or skin irritations. If you have a breed that has long fur, you may want to trim off the excess fur so that the paws do not stay damp.

beddingImage source: A2Zpets.com

Comfortable, clean and disinfected bedding

Just like us humans, every dog loves a good warm nice bed to sleep in. During rainy seasons, one would have to be extra careful with the bedding for the dog. Damp bedding can be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. The bedding especially sheets and pillows should be washed and changed regularly to avoid bacterial accumulation. If you have a dog that spends most of his / her time in the terrace / balcony, you would have to ensure that the bedding does not get wet during the rains.

Clean Fresh Food and Water

During rains, do ensure that the food and water bowls are covered and clean. Change the water regularly so that old water does not stagnate. The food that is being served to dogs should be fresh and any old food should be thrown away as it could bring tummy distress and infection to the dog. During rains, your dogs overall activity level will go down as he / she is not getting the usual level of exercise. You might want to increase the levels of fruits and vegetables in the dogs meal to give him / her ample supply of fibrous nutrition.

Clean ears

After paws, ears are one of the most sensitive parts of the dog. During rains, the dogs ears become highly susceptible to fungal infections or dry scaly skin inside the ear. If your pooch has long fur, it could bring in more infections. After walks or spending time outside, use dry wipes to clean the ears. In case there is irritation, use a calming ear drop and seek veterinary help.

Clean Skin

Dogs with short fur are susceptible to catching infections under the folds of their skin. Breeds such as Pugs, Beagles, English Boxers can develop fungal infection under the folds of their skins or their ears. It will be imperative that regular cleaning especially in between the skin is done with a disinfectant solutions and it is kept dry.

Good smelling dogs

The humidity and dampness in the air makes our pets prone to developing a damp smell around them. One can purchase and keep deodorizers handy and spray the dogs so that they keep smelling fresh!

If you have any suggestions on how to keep your dog healthy and fit during the rainy season do share it with us!

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