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Cat Dewormer


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Cat Dewormer

Cat Deworming is an essential health check for all cats. Cat Dewormers help remove parasites or worms that may lead to ill health of your pet. It is important to give regular deworming treatment to your dogs to ensure that their digestive systems remain clean and healthy. Ideally deworming is advised once every six months. We at DogSpot.in have very effective cat dewormers that you can choose from. The brands are one of the most recommended cat dewormers by vets across.

SavavetSAVAVET is an expression of caring for companions, commonly those companions who stay real to the world of fellowship and selfless care. In this dynamic world where change is considered to be the only constant, there still persists a longing for something’s to remain as they were. What if your puppy, may it then be your companion pet, doesn’t notice you once you are back from work? Don’t you feel good when your healthy happy puppy leaps up to greet you the moment you open the door! SAVAVET has been envisioned to care for such priceless happy moments through its dedicated offerings for the well-being of all companions. SAVAVET is a division of SAVA HealthCare Ltd dedicated to the cause of companions care.Over last 9 years SAVA has spread its wings across all corners of the world and has received accolades from Government of India enterprise, Pharmexcil for its outstanding export performance. SAVA’s 350+ healthcare products are wide spread over multiple therapeutic areas in the service of human life and are available in over 40 countries in both pharmaceutical and herbal categories.  Having almost a decade old rich experience over the quality, efficacy and reliability of its products that has stood over the test of time, SAVAVET has been exclusively designed to take forth the legacy of SAVA’s heritage in animal healthcare arena

IntasWith 3 decades of experience moulded into world-class healthcare expertise, Intas is today one of the leading global pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing and marketing companies headquartered in India. Intas strives to learn and lead with a steadfast commitment to provide efficient and affordable health to all.


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