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23 Dec 2013 | by | Posted in: Wag Brag

There is something about this time of the year that makes us all nostalgic. The end of the year always brings the fond memories rushing back to you. Thanksgiving and Christmas is a festival of thanking and giving. Thanking god for what we have and celebrating life as a whole. In this joyous season, we at DogSpot thought that this will be the best time to thank your pet for being such a beautiful part of your life. We asked our patrons to tell us what they like about their pet and how important they are in their pet parent’s life. Here is what Dipisha Oberoi from Faridabad feels about the joy in her life.Dipisha story

Dipisha is a proud pet parent to a 12 year golden Labrador named Goldie. There are no prizes for guessing why this pooch was named so. He was given this name because of his coat color. She says that she can’t even think of loving anyone more than her pooch Goldie. Goldie is a mellow Labrador (there will be a lot of Labrador owners nodding their head for the same) and loves taking walks in the park, swimming, playing with his Frisbee and is a complete glutton, who loves to gorge. What makes him unique is his undeterred love for his family. Goldie loves his family unconditionally.

Dipisha feels that her Goldie is her biggest stress buster. His unconditional love is always a stress buster and he loves her company and this is visible by the numerous wags that she is greeted with whenever he is around her. She works from home and says that it is the biggest form of boost to her self-esteem when she feels that such a friendly soul is following her around in the house. Goldie follows Dipisha to the kitchen or just sleeps on a pillow beside her. If she is stressed with work, she just has to turn and call out Goldie’s name he would turn and wag his tail; where else can you seek such devotion.

Dipisha cannot thank enough for Goldie being in her life. This is one companion in her life she says who loves her unconditionally. He is there when she is sad or happy, he does not even care whether she is successful or not. He is her companion when she is ranting frivolously. She says that he is her companion at times when she is frustrated or just confused, a patient listener. She feels that he is the only one with whom she can share her thought and secrets. His reaction also is not of contradiction, the only thing he does is lick her hand.

She emphasis on the fact though that one has to be responsible to have a dog, it is not for selfish and lazy people. Dipisha is extremely thankful for Goldie in her life. She says that there are a lot of people who feel that she is a little crazy to be so attached to him but he is her baby and her best friend.

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