CEO of KAARYAH Talks About Her Work Buddy

30 Jun 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

We recently got in touch with Nidhi Agarwal, Founder & CEO of KAARYAH Lifestyle Solutions, an unmatched apparel brand that caters to women’s non-casual wearNidhi is counted among one of the most influential top 60 women entrepreneurs. In a short span of time, her company KAARYAH has been recognised as CNBC’s Young Turk in 2015 and invested in by entrepreneurs like Mr. Ratan Tata. Nidhi has been featured on many television shows like Bloomberg TV’s “Women Mean Business”, SHEROES & Heads Up on NDTV. Aside from KAARYAH, Nidhi loves to travel, paint, watch movies and cook. 

Nidhi shared insights of her love for animals and bonding with her pet, Speedy. Here's an account of what she told us-

While I love love love my work I eagerly EVERYDAY look forward to going back home because I get to have this little furry come running towards me full charge, ears flapping wildly in ultimate happiness to see me again! Now, who else can do that? NOT ONE OTHER PERSON! That’s Speedy for me. Relentless adoration, unconditional love and simple plain happiness… what else could a girl need? Nidhi & Speedy

Our 3-year-old Beagle Speedy is the one person who manages to bring out raw uninhibited childlike laughter in me and makes me do things I didn't imagine I would! (Playing chase for instance or fighting over his favorite pillow, fussing over his food and the amount he eats sometimes)

We are playmates and make sure we keep each other entertained. While I keep Speedy company when he’s ripping apart his toys, having his meals and playing at our lawn, he keeps me company while I work, read, eat, work out and even nap. It’s like we have this unspoken pact to be by each other’s side at every opportunity made available to us. Keeping true to his commitment, he also often accompanies me to work. Apart from getting to spend more time with me, there are plenty of other incentives for him. The folks in my office, especially the girls absolutely love him and every time he visits there are endless cuddling, hugging and playing sessions. It’s kinda hard to miss when he beams with all that attention! 


Speedy is a natural when it comes to sensing when I need his cuddles the most. His unconditional selfless love is enough to brighten up my days and prepare me for any challenge that may be in store. The longest days begin to not matter when I come home to a very waggy tail and a much hyper beagle jumping to greet me. It is that one moment when I feel my exhaustion from a long day evaporate. When I’m travelling for work or otherwise, Speedy and I get on skype calls (thanks to my mom) to ensure we have some woofy conversations! He is the baby of our family and the center of everyone’s attention. He is also among the few who manage to have their way with me without getting into trouble!

Being a dog parent/sibling can actually bring you unadulterated joy in more ways than one. He brought with him relentless energy, unconditional love and immeasurable happiness. I cannot thank my stars enough for him having chosen us for family and me for a ‘best friend’! Like I often say “he took his time but he was meant to be mine”!

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