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Chandigarh Dog Show Results

21 Feb 2010 | by | Posted in: Events

Chandigarh Dog Show 2010
Date of the Show: 14 Feb 2010

Source: chdpr.gov.in

Photos Chandigarh Kennel Club Show

Judge : Mr. Thomas Y.H. Lim (Singapore)
Ring Stewards : Mr. Sumant Tuteja, Mr. H.S. Aulakh, Mr. Ranjit Minngal, Mr. Yogesh Tuteja 
RANK Dog Name Breed Name of Owner
1 Ashra Farm's Kassian Bliss at Melodor  Akita A.D Sharma
2 Astra Vision Labrador Dr.A.P.S. Mangat
3 Tango Charlie Rottweiler Mr Adarsh Chhibber
4 Puma Topozovnicki German Shepherd Harchand Singh
5 Walgre's One More Time Pug Mrs Geetika Raikhy
6 Yeoman's Don Beagle Mr. H. S. Aulakh
7 Silver Clouds heart Breaker Boxer Danvir Singh Bhullar
8 Ashra Farm's Kitado Kiss of A Davil Akita A.D Sharma
B.I. Astra Vision Labrador Dr.A.P.S. Mangat
R.B.I. Tango Charlie Rottweiler Mr Adarsh Chhibber
Best Puppy Ashra Farm's Kitado Kiss of A Davil Akita A.D Sharma
Resever Best Puppy  Shekhon Great Expectations Golden Retriever  Surnandan Singh Sekhon




Judge : Mr. Rajiv Shandilya
Ring Stewards : Mr. Sumant Tuteja, Mr. H.S. Aulakh, Mr. Ranjit Minngal, Mr. Yogesh Tuteja 
RANK Dog Name Breed Name of Owner
1 Ashra Farm's Kassian Bliss at Melodor  Akita A.D Sharma
2 Am Ch Wishing well U light up my life Beagle A.I.S. Bhinder
3 Ch. Phyton Crni Lotos Rottweiler Gaurav Pratap Singh
4 Vaattoo's Leutinant  Pug Yogesh Tuteja
5 Ashra Farm's Kitado Kiss of A Davil Akita A.D Sharma
6 Sirio's Flying High Boxer Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
7 Ind. Ch. Roberto of Saras Tibetan Mastiff Himmat Singh Sekhon 
8 Puma Topozovnicki German Shepherd Harchand Singh
B.I. Vaattoo's Leutinant  Pug Yogesh Tuteja
R.B.I. kwick Wick's naughty Girl Pomeranian Adarsh Chaudhary
Best Puppy Ashra Farm's Kitado Kiss of A Davil Akita A.D Sharma
Resever Best Puppy Chalks  Ville Dream Maker Golden Retriever Dr. Sulbha Jindal


Hey Dinkar- Have you seen these dogs in the ring yourself? Would like you to comment on the conformation of these Akitas, would help people to realise the faults in these specimens

By: Rana Atheya | 22 Feb 2010

congratulations to the dog spot team for a wonderful job and lovely pictires. Specialy Rana , for the hard work he does.. awaiting Mr Dinkars expert comments and the critique on both the Akitas (the one he likes and the one he dislikes ) need to get enlightened....

By: VAID | 22 Feb 2010

Dinkar Singh
Firstly I may have been a bit harsh and hasty with my words and my sincere apologies to all concerned. I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or mean it personally. They have been my personal views and I am sure everyone has their own views. So do judges, some like some dogs and others don’t, that is why not all line up winners will be there in the next ring and also in the line up. What a particular judge or person likes in a dog may not appeal to the other. I mean no disregard to anyone and have always looked up to Mr. Vaid for his dedication, great handling of dogs, lovely dogs and for keeping his dogs very well. I was also very happy to read his interview in the IKG. There are few breeders like him and I hope more aspire to become like him and learn from his vast experience, including myself.

Handling plays a very important role in showing any dog, it can bring forward the good points of the dog and also hide bad ones if any. A bad handler can spoil the show for a very good dog.

The first glance at an Akita should be showing a large powerful dog with substance and heavy bone, which is not really what I picture in my mind when seeing Kitado Kiss Of A Devil (hope I have got the right one). Some how I don’t like the way the head and the neck are all flowing, may be it’s the pictures and the angle taken due to which I am not being able to see what I should be. A little more substance and bone would have been nice. I bit more of a pronounced chest. This is what I personally feel when seeing this dog, although I do realize and realized later that it is still a puppy and has a lot of time to mature. One can keep discussing finer details but in the end it is what a person has in mind after seeing other champion dogs of the same breed and what that person’s understanding is of the breed, which obviously will differ from person to person.

Whether one likes A dog or B dog, does not mean that the other dog has any faults. Although all dogs have faults, very rarely or once in a life time will a breeder come across a perfect dog. The question is which comes closest to your ideal dog category keeping in mind the breed standards. Two dogs of the same breed, I feel was not right to be in a single line up. Other dogs should have been given a chance, I feel. Once again these are all my personal views and I mean no disrespect or disregard to anyone. It would also be nice if judges could spend more time with exhibitors explaining to them about their dogs and why they did not come 1st and why they may have come 2nd like Nawab Nasir Yar Jung.

By: Dinkar Singh | 22 Feb 2010

sonu kumar
Dear Mr. Dinkar, Hats off to you on taking a U turn from your statement and very politly washing your hands off it. Let me tell u that both Akitas were of international quality and a treat for the eyes. Infact we should consider ourselves lucky having seen these dogs in the rings. As regards your saying that both @akitas should not have been in the lineup,tell me how can a judge ignore quality dogs for the lineup and as u said there could be more variety than keeping of 2 akitas let me tell u that if one has to see the variety then there are thousands of books and sites where we can see variety of dogs.It is only we go to a dogshow to see the best dogs win and for your info there have been various shows in the past when two dogs from the same breed have won top positions.eg.is taj kennel club,s recent show where Gsd bagged 1 and 2Bis. As regards your statement that a judge should discuss the dogs with the exhibitors,Sir if they do with all it will take them over 2days to judge 300 dogs but for your info most of our indian judges do discuss some dogs which they feel and i am myself a witness to this as many a times our learned judges have discussed ,y dog with me in the ring and evan have guided me how to present them in a better way.

By: sonu kumar | 24 Feb 2010

yogesh tuteja
Hi Mr.Dinkar, A word of advice for you. If you point one finger towards someone four of your fingers point towards you.Before writing such comment about Mr.Mukul you should have thought a hundered times and i think everybody in the dog game knows about Mr.Vaids reputation and contribution to the game that is the reason he is a judge who is in maximum demand in the indian show circuit.In case u didnt know of this u should have varified his credentials from a senior person in the game.U have written about his Akitas,I would be obliged if you could give your expert opinion on them so that we might also learn from you what we could not see in those dogs.

By: yogesh tuteja | 24 Feb 2010

sonu kumar
Dear Mr. Dinkar, we are still waiting for ur comments on the Akitas so that we can upgrade our knowlesge on the breed. Sir, if i am not mistaken u are a breeder of Rottweilers from Uttrakhand and would u be kind enough to tell us about other breeds you have been involved in as to comment on others dogs.For ur info Mr. Mukul is a person who has made various champions in all the groups before starting his judging career and has been himself a keen exhibitor for over three decades now and he still continues showing his dogs which in itself is an example of his dedication to the game so please refrain yourself from writing such stupid blogs and if u really know something about the game or breeds (which i think u dont know evan about the breed u r involved in) share it with the enthusiasts for the promotion of the game.

By: sonu kumar | 25 Feb 2010

Dinkar Singh
Firstly, Dogspot.in is a great website were everyone gets to share there opinions, dog pictures, ask questions, write articles and so on. This is the reason it has been so successful and other similar websites have failed. I don’t think anyone should take it personally rather look at the greater picture and take feedbacks to further improve the dog game in India which in the past did go down and now seems to be coming up again. If one is not going to voice their opinion or suggestions, then I do not feel we can progress and everyone will go with the flow. One should take it as a healthy discussion rather than take it personally. Look at things from an eagles view rather than from inside only. This is how I feel the dog game can further improve. I have tried to share what ever little experience and knowledge I have had with pets and dogs with people on dogspot.in and most have appreciated my advise or comments and some have not and tend to be quite impolite, so now I don’t really care about writing on it. But I feel experience and knowledge must be shared not kept hidden inside one or for a limited number of people, regardless of whether you are a very experience professional dog person or an amateur with may be limited knowledge like me.

Secondly, I would like to point out that I am not questioning any person, judge, handler, on looker or anyone what so ever’s knowledge and experience. I am just stating what I feel. I don’t think in a closed society one can progress if we do want to progress. Please also note that I am not questioning Mr. Vaid’s judgment, experience or otherwise, so keep out of that area, rather than mixing up issues. Nor does he own the dog I mentioned, as per the dogspot.in results. I do not think ill about him, if that was the case I would not have been the only one or among the few who may have emailed him after reading his interview in the IKG. I can understand you wanting brownie points and I am sure you have. In the UK feedback is taken from all sorts of people and then filtered to see if any changes have to be made or not regarding the kennel club. That is good rather than shooting down someone’s view point/ opinion. Dictatorship. Nor is knowledge limited. Learning and knowledge is an ongoing thing and at times, even a life time is less to have complete knowledge of things. I am not questioning any ones experience or knowledge. So don’t misunderstand what I write. My only concern which I am again mentioning in clear words is that I did not like 2 dogs of the same breed coming in the line up. I would have preferred that one dog from a particular breed should be in the line up and not two. In group judging, generally one dog is taken from each group to compete in the line up, and that is what I feel is better. Most serious exhibitors import International standard good dogs. Again my view you may agree or disagree. It’s a free country I think. One should not be rigid.

Thirdly, I have never said I am an expert in dogs, because I know learning is an on going process and it never ends. I don’t think by airing ones views one is stupid, rather it is the only way one can discuss and further understand thinks whether its right or wrong, or put forward ones view point and suggestions. I may be wrong also. One does not need to be involved with a particular breed to have knowledge about it; otherwise most international judges would not be all breed judges, I feel. As it is impossible to gain complete knowledge about all breeds by keeping them, showing them and breeding them, all in one life. People who can are very fortunate I may say, like Nawab sahib, but that was a different era altogether.

I hope we can again bring back that glory to the dog game as it used to be in his younger days. Discussing a few breeds does not take 2 days and I suggest you attend a show judged by him, where he is given a chance to speak. The problem is people are more interested in who get best in show and other line up positions, rather than the finer details which very few will know about the breeds, not found in books or shows. It’s a pity. And please I am not into dog breeding the way you may think, dogs are my passion and that is it, and has been for generations in my family too. So I don’t really fit into the definition of a dog breeder breeder, in the sense you may mean it. I feel and think like most pet owners that they have good dogs, regardless what anyone may think about them. So far people have appreciated my dogs. You don’t think such about them, it does not make a difference to me as I will still have them around like family and well taken care of regardless of whether they win or loose.

I no longer wish to take this forward as I think it’s pointless. Hopefully some one can understand what I am trying to say and not put down any and everyone.

By: Dinkar Singh | 25 Feb 2010

Dinkar Singh
My comments/ suggestions are not meant to bring down or show anyone down. They are general remarks and feelings about dog shows and may be how we can further make them more exciting and informative, so that the younger generation/ crowd is also drawn to it as a sport and for the love of dogs.

By: Dinkar Singh | 25 Feb 2010

Dr Saurabh
i have no idea abt akita,nor i knw mr dinkar or mr vaid but if sumone wants to disagree wid mr vaid ,then it shd be allowed and he has given his reasons pointwise ,if other knw breeders have problems they shd conter his points on basis of breed standards and quote the books..do not counter other person on the basis of judges reputation..u will kill d dog game..

By: Dr Saurabh | 25 Feb 2010

i am unable to grasp what fault Dinkar did by airing his views. He just said his views.He never said anything bad/wrong about any judge.
What sonu and yogesh means to me that any dog shown or judged by Mr Vaid is great. No one negates this point but by forcefully clubbing the words against dinkar is wrong. He has just said what he felt about the dogs in the ring.
Please stop groupism atleast here and work for welfare of the dogdom.
He has his views and it depends upon person to agree or disagree.
I am from south and feel that you all are engrossed in ego and groupism yourself.

By: badboyz | 25 Feb 2010

if you were so genuinely concerned did you ever raise your voice against Agrani, CVS, and this mastiff fake advt. NOPE. You just want to be in good books of KCI by turning blind eyes.

By: badboyz | 25 Feb 2010

Very well said Dinkar, and your contribution to DogSpot is highly respected and appreciated! I personally believe your comments here represent the Voice of DogDom

By: Rana Atheya | 25 Feb 2010

Dinkar Singh
Thank you all for supporting me and understanding what I was trying to say (Dr. Saurabh, badboyz and Rana) and not what others were making out of it. I thought it was a lost cause. Now that I see that you all our supporting me, I shall express my personal view on the brindle Akita. Once again I am not questioning any ones judgement or mean any disrespect, but just stating what I personally feel about the dog. It may be wrong or correct, as I am no professional. Just a dog lover.

As per the pictures seen by me.
What I am noticing is that the neck does not seem to gradually widen as it comes over the withers. The ears could tilt at more of a forward angle. From the front view, the ears seem a little low set and appear a bit long. Sometimes the shape of the skull affects that I feel. The head could be wider, but as I recall this is a young dog, so the head will likely broaden with time. The underline could be a little more boat bottomed shaped for my liking. A deep chest with a moderate tuck up adds style to the profile I feel. This dog has a fairly straight across underside when viewed from the side.

On the positive side to me the tail and set look good. Top line level. Seems well balanced with enough leg under him.

No more comment any more on this topic.

By: Dinkar Singh | 26 Feb 2010

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