Change The Channel Please... Coz Your Dog Likes To Watch This!!

06 May 2016 | by Ruchika Anand | Posted in: Wag News


TV 1

Ever heard of dogs watching TV?... Sounds strange?... Well, they recognise their fellow canines on the television and get all excited about it too! That’s not all. They are curious to see living things talking and acting on the television and may enjoy watching TV just as much as you do.

Letting them them watch Animal Planet or Discovery channel could be a good idea. Watching different animals can get them excited. They also like to watch cartoons. If you flip to news or fiction, then your dog might give that boring, uninterested look, though he may still laze around with you on the couch. Also, if you ever get excited about watching sports and cheer your favourite team, chances are your dog too might join into the excitement.

The best thing about watching television with your pet dog is that nobody is ever going fight for the remote. Phew! What a relief! You could enjoy watching a series of romcoms, your favourite shows in all seasons back to back, sports, and just about anything. Your canine baby will join in along with you with a bag of popcorn and nachos. Yep! Serve them their yummiest treats and you will never be alone watching your favourite movie or program on the television.

Different breeds of dogs react differently to watching television. The big boys hardly care about what’s on the television. Pugs or small breed of dogs are more visual and excited to see what’s on the television. You can see them jumping in joy, and getting all excited to watch their favourite program on the television. UK has Dog TV dedicated to dogs. Your canine friend might love watching what other dogs are up to on this television channel.

Food, their eternal love, is something that will certainly get them excited. Something they dream about even when they are sleeping. Food, sports, and animal channels, to sum it all, is what gets most of the dog breeds excited. So, dress your canine friend in the Game of Thrones costume and watch the melodrama unleash. Your pet might sometimes be so engrossed watching the television that they will not let you shut it down. Yes, they can get into the habit of television addiction if you too watching television for long hours.

HD television sets have a better refresh rate that lets your dog watch television better and recognise it frame by frame. Always place the television at a lower height or on the ground for dogs to watch television better. Dogs are seen responding to animals on the television, especially, their kind. They may even end up doing funny things when they watch their own kind on the screen. So, don’t be surprised to see your dog running behind the television set to see if there is that dog from the television screen hiding behind it!

So switch on the TV for your dog once in a while and see how they end up beating you at your own game by getting glued to your idiot box!



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