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Chewing everythign around

02 Feb 2012 | by | Posted in: Training

I have a German Shepherd ( named Buddy ) who is almost 14 months old now. He is chewing everything he gets. Initially he chewed plastic chairs left in the garden. Now when we move the chain indoor in the evening he has started chewing number plate of car. Please let me know what can be done. 

If I hive him bone at the night he buries it.

Also, i have a maroon colour car. Ever since we have purchased the car, Buddy has been scratching on it with its paws and we have to park the car elsewhere. Please tell what to do with it.


i think your dog is bored. give it time. like give it a lot of exercise. take it out and socalise your dog.

By: D.chakrabarty | 03 Feb 2012

abhijeet patel
there can be several reason for doing this very common reason your dog is feeling lonely you timing to meet your dog changes every day,you are not giving proper exercise to your dog if your dog is getting all these things then try this out i hope you understand the word 'paya' (male goats legs used for soup famous 'paya soup') boil them properly and start giving it your dog to chew also check with a vet to see any teeth or gums problem one out of these things will work

By: abhijeet patel | 11 Feb 2012

all this is bound to happen the lil doggy is teething..what u should do is...give him rubber chappals to bite and leave a rag that has the smel of u or ur family around him and let him shred it..it will make him less agressive in the furutre too and see to it he gets his calcium daily...and lots of milk..the rubber chappal will keep him busy but jst see to it that the broken peices are not eatenn it will gve him constipation

By: Devhooti | 17 Feb 2012

all this is bound to happen the lil doggy is teething..what u should do is...give him rubber chappals to bite and leave a rag that has the smel of u or ur family around him and let him shred it..it will make him less agressive in the furutre too and see to it he gets his calcium daily...and lots of milk..the rubber chappal will keep him busy but jst see to it that the broken peices are not eatenn it will gve him constipation

By: Devhooti | 17 Feb 2012

Ayush Modi
thanks everyone for the advice. i am working on all that you all advised.

By: Ayush Modi | 17 Feb 2012

Sadhish M
Why dogs chew

Puppies, like infants and toddlers, explore their world by putting objects in their mouths. And, like babies, they teethe for about 6 months, which usually creates some discomfort. Chewing not only facilitates teething, but also makes sore gums feel better.

Adult dogs may engage in destructive chewing for any number of reasons. In order to deal with the behavior, you must first determine why your dog is chewing—and remember, he's not doing it to spite you. Possible reasons for destructive chewing include:

As a puppy, he wasn't taught what to chew and what not to chew.
He's bored.
He suffers from separation anxiety.
His behavior is fear-related.
He wants attention.

Manage the situation

Take responsibility for your own belongings. If you don't want it in your dog's mouth, don't make it available. Keep clothing, shoes, books, trash, eyeglasses, and remote control devices out of your dog's reach.

Give your dog toys that are clearly distinguishable from household goods. Don't confuse him by offering shoes and socks as toys and then expecting him to distinguish between his shoe and yours.

Supervise your dog until he learns the house rules. Keep him with you on his leash in the house so he can't make a mistake out of your sight. Confine him when you're unable to keep an eye on him. Choose a "safe place" that's dog-proof, and provide fresh water and "safe" toys. If your dog is crate trained, you may also place him in his crate for short periods of time.

Give your dog plenty of people-time. Your dog won't know how to behave if you don't teach him alternatives to inappropriate behavior, and he can't learn these when he's in the yard by himself.

Give your dog plenty of physical and mental exercise. If your dog is bored, he'll find something to do to amuse himself and you probably won't like the choices he makes. On the other hand, a tired dog is a good dog, so make sure he gets lots of physical and mental activity. The amount of exercise should be based on his age, health, and breed characteristics.

If you catch your dog chewing on something he shouldn't, interrupt the behavior with a loud noise. Offer him an acceptable chew toy instead, and praise him lavishly when he takes the toy in his mouth.

Build a toy obsession in your dog. Use his toys to feed him. At mealtimes, fill a Kong-type toy with his kibble.

Make items unpleasant to your dog. Furniture and other items can be coated with a taste deterrent (such as Bitter Apple®) to make them unappealing.

Caution! Supervise your dog when you first try one of these deterrents. Some dogs will chew an object even if it's coated with a taste deterrent. Also be aware that you must reapply some of these deterrents to maintain their effectiveness.

Offer your dog a treat in exchange for the item in his mouth. As your dog catches on to this idea, you can add the command "Give" as his cue to release the object in exchange for the yummy treat.

Don't chase your dog if he grabs an object and runs. If you chase him, you are only giving your dog what he wants. Being chased by his human is fun! Instead call him to you or offer him a treat.

Have realistic expectations. At some point your dog will inevitably chew up something you value; this is often part of the transition to a new home. Your dog needs time to learn the house rules and you need to remember to take precautions and keep things out of his reach.

What not to do
Never discipline or punish your dog after the fact. If you discover a chewed item even minutes after he's chewed it, you're too late.

Animals associate punishment with what they're doing at the time they're being corrected. Your dog can't reason that, "I tore up those shoes an hour ago and that's why I'm being scolded now." Some people believe this is what a dog is thinking because he runs and hides or because he "looks guilty."

In reality, "guilty looks" are actually canine submissive postures that dogs show when they're threatened. When you're angry and upset, your dog feels threatened by your tone of voice, body postures, and/or facial expressions, so he may hide or show submissive postures. Punishment after the fact will not only fail to eliminate the undesirable behavior, but could provoke other undesirable behaviors as well.

By: Sadhish M | 21 Feb 2012

abhijeet patel
@ devahooti & sadhish
My friends as ayush said his dog is 14 months old usually at this age teething cannot be a reason because usually by this age dogs teeths are completel grown chewing can be a bad habit wchich was not treated intially as well but if you are leaving dog alone first and your timing with your dog is not regular see dogs are very sensitive they have the tendency to schedule the activities according to timings becuase of that you might have found dogs leaving the food in their bowls if food served prior to their timing or staring the food bowl if food not served on times also you might see this street dogs if you will start feeding them they will come to the place at same time you are feeding them at the same place as well on the same time on which you repeatedly giving food to them so the same thing happens in other activities if you will take your dog for potty walk out of the regular timing they will excrete also you have to maintain the timings in such cases you also have scold your dog on doing wrong activities as we do it our childrens we have to make them understand what is wrong and right

By: abhijeet patel | 29 Feb 2012

abhijeet patel
as far as teething is concerned it happens because of milk tooth falling at the age of 3-5 months if you see carefully you can actuaally see the new teehs growin from the back side of old teeths and also you can see older teeth are fading and slightly blackened and they will fall down slowly avoid chewing hard stuff at this time because if tooth fall before the actual time when itis deattached from the root it cause severe wounds in gums so be carefull while teething

By: abhijeet patel | 29 Feb 2012

anurag mehta
jst make him scared from any one of ur family memeber in such manner that he will follow his commands....bit him little for tearing but also give him biscuits or anything he likes for what u think hez doing right...this will really act...in 10-15 days....have done same wid my puppy....wic iz 90 daysold....hez following my commands..like follow me...then he follows me...,com here, leave it..etc etc

By: anurag mehta | 10 Mar 2012

just gve him a bone to chew thats the bst thng u can do to avoide his this habit and trust me it works i have exprenced the same hehehehe

By: ankit | 23 Aug 2012

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