Choosing A Breed

30 Sep 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

There are 4 important part of Choosing a Breed:

PURPOSE: Ask your self why do you need a dog and why you want a dog. If you just want a Happy Buddy to play with and dont have need for Gurding and Protection Why to go for a Breed like Rottie or GSD

TIME: How much time you can give to the dog. The dog requires effort and time and you should see how much time you can dedicate to a dog. Dog like Lab are very energetic and require a very good ammount of exercise time. else you will end up with a unhappy and obese Lab and you really find people have lab because they are cute.

GENETICS: Check the Internet do research why the breed was developed. Like Dobermann was developed to protect money and its in his blood to be protective you can not expect him to be like a Golden Retrievers. Most of the time people go for a dog because they like the appereance of the dog and trust me it will not work well. Siberian Husky are very handsome dog but trust me you will not wish to have one when you dont have enough work to keep him busy.

LIFESTYLE AND FAMILY: Check you lifestyle, where do you live, temperature, space etc. and it is important that your family is comfortable with dog and do not have very small kid. you cant have a Husky in a hot place, its not his habitat they are bred to live in cold place and to work hard.



*** Few Points***

- If you are a first time owner do not go for a dominant and large breed.

- for dominant dogs training is not optional

- never leash you dog for a long time its cruel and unethical, its always owner's fault if the dog end up in a leash 

- and be prepare for anything because it much difficult to raise a Dog w.r.t. Human Child.

All they want is love and affection for us and its our duty to make this work.

Choose you Buddy wisely !


Sabrina Court
u raise some great points here!

By: Sabrina Court | 26 Nov 2010

Gopal Krishna
Thanks Sabrina!!! People generally choose a wrong breed and later on they face big problems; and that is painful for owner and dog both.

By: Gopal Krishna | 26 Nov 2010

Nice topic. People nowadays choose breed for the status and sometime afterwards get tired by his unmannered behaviour which is the reason of their untrained schedules. It ends up with a dog in a leash. which is always barks. My neighbour has a GSD, which i frqntly listen barking...and hardly see him on for a walk- just a morning and night business around the house. I think they leash up him all the time. My lab doesnt bark that much. bec'se we never leash him up. ya but prob. is tht he barks at stranges but never attacks or mount.!!!!!!

By: Bijal | 26 Nov 2010

Gopal Krishna
@bijal :) I guess your lab is a male. Anyway all dogs are territorial and that is the alert bark that. Someone is entering his or his pack's territory :) I really appreciate that you don't leash your dog. Enjoy the time. Nobody can greet you better than your dog when you get back home :)

By: Gopal Krishna | 28 Dec 2010

Agree with u Gopal. Even my child doesnt greet me as well my lab. so lovely......

By: Bijal | 30 Dec 2010

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