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When we talk about Nutrition few terms immediately emerge into our mind are Protein, Fat & Carbohydrate. When it comes to energy, carbohydrate is considered to be the main source of energy available. Our pet’s dogs & cats have similar evolution like other animals of prey. That’s the reason they have different anatomy made for nutrition based on meat (Protein & Fat) and very few carbs needed in their diet. They can easily source their daily energy from protein and fat in their diet. Puppy food should be rich in protein and fat to support optimal growth. Puppies having food rich in carbohydrate (Cereal or Grain) promotes body fat which makes them look chubby but is not good for health. Carbohydrate rich food makes them weak in future when they grow adult.

Below are the few points in this support – No Salivary Amylase, Short and simple intestine, Teeth & jaw conformation, Gluconeogenesis, Insulinic response.

As the dogs physiologic and anatomic points support less intake of carbohydrate in the dog’s diet. According to the National Research Council guidelines, “Carbohydrates provide an economical source of energy in the diet of dogs.

Carbohydrates are divided into two vast groups.

  • Simple Carbohydrate or sugar
  • Complex carbohydrate

Simple Carbohydrate is simple and easily absorbs sugar which is generally found in the starch of cereals such as corn, wheat & rice. Which rapidly raises the blood sugar level which also triggers the insulin production and rises in the level of insulin lead to convert sugar into the fat. This rapid increase in insulin level drops as well rapidly, leaving the feeling of hunger and weakness. When whole cereals are used in food it is not only hard to digest but also put stress on digestive organs.

Complex carbohydrates are complex and take time in a breakdown. They are made up of more than two unit of sugar bound together. The common source of complex carbohydrate are potatoes, beans, many vegetable, and fruit. Complex carbohydrate takes time in the stomach to digest and results in increased volume of poop. As said earlier our pets have evolved in a way that they are able to easily digest protein and fat. In nature mostly their diet includes protein fat and small predigested grains, fruits & vegetables in the stomach of a prey animal make up a very small fraction of the total diet

Mostly food brands available in the market are having the higher percentage of carbohydrate exceeding – 40 – 50% which leads to obesity, diabetes and a host of other health problems in our pets. Complex carbohydrate takes time in digestion leading stress on the organ involved in digestion. Carbohydrate intake above the daily requirement of the pet which regularly happens if our pets are eating regular dog food brand leads to same body fat.

Carbohydrate-rich pet foods lead to blood sugar fluctuations, insulin resistance, and are widely considered as a leading cause of obesity, diabetes and a host of other health problems in cats and dogs. Conventional dry dog foods have very high carbohydrate content, with most foods exceeding 40-50% in total carbohydrate content. Almost half of typical dry dog foods have nonessential, simple sugars! This important fact is often lost on consumers as pet food makers are not required to claim carbohydrate content on their packages.

Top researchers and Association like The Association of American Feed Control Officials‘ (AAFCO) quotes - nutrient profiles show that carbohydrates are not essential for dogs and cats and that no minimum level of carbohydrate is needed in their diets.

And Dr. David S. Kronfeld quotes - carbohydrates need not be supplied to adult dogs, even those working hard as the liver is easily able to synthesize sufficient glucose (from protein and fats).

In conclusion, one should look after the energy source of dog food while purchasing the food for the pet. Most of the industrial foods on the market contain from 40% to 60% of carbohydrate. Food rich in Carbohydrates are unhealthy and can lead to diabetes and increase body fat.

Low grain or no grain food are now are days very acceptable because now people understand their importance. Low grain foods have ancestral grain which releases energy slowly fulfilling the daily requirement without any stress on the organ. They are also rich in fiber supports digestion of food and keep the pet healthy. In India, the only food brand which fulfills the above criteria is Natural & Delicious. Natural and delicious is holistic and healthy food for puppy supporting optimal growth in puppy. It is available in both the variant of grain free and Low grain or ancestral grain formula.

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