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Well, how many present-day companies have Mahatma Gandhi’s stamp of approval? Not many, or perhaps, hardly any. But Cipla does. Although the great man had endorsed it ages ago, when he visited the company’s first facility – a rented bungalow in Mumbai Central – four years after Cipla was founded by Dr. K.A. Hamied in 1935, he would have been proud to see how the company has become one of the world’s largest and most respectable generic pharmaceutical companies while following the swadeshi and self-sufficiency principles that he had championed. Now, with 20,000 employees and an annual turnover of US$1.4 billion, Cipla has close to three dozen world-class manufacturing facilities spread across India from where products are exported to around 180 countries – but the company remains headquartered in Mumbai Central (needless to say, not at the rented bungalow anymore!).

Cipla has grabbed headlines over the past many decades as much for its many pioneering achievements in the pharmaceutical world as for the various awards and accolades that the company or its staff have received from various quarters – the most recent and notable one being the Thomson Reuters India Innovation Award in 2012.

All these accolades are a result of Cipla’s unwavering commitment to its founding vision of making India self-sufficient and self-reliant in healthcare, with focus on providing affordable yet world-class medicines to people from all walks of life. Underlying this long-standing commitment is the philosophy of care that drives each and every operation of the company, whether it be in connection with the medical fraternity, business partners and employees, or with patients – both humans and animals.

Speaking of animals, Cipla is largest exporter of veterinary pharmaceutical products in India, with its products available now in over 100 countries. The company covers pretty much all animal groups – from horses, canines and cats to livestock and poultry, and even aqua products – but equine and companion animal care products continue to be its focus areas.

Cipla offers companion animals (dogs and cats) a wide range of products, which can be classified broadly into six categories. Below is a peek into each of these categories:

1)    Deworming: This includes the Triworm range of dewormering tablets that are meant to tackle ascarids, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms in dogs and cats. Triworm-D and Triworm-D XL tablets are for dogs, while Triworm-C is for cats.

2)    Flea and tick control: This category includes the Fiprotec range of tonics, formulated for the prevention and treatment of flea and tick infestations on canines as well as cats.

3)    Joint care: GCS-DOG powder, GCS-DOG OMEGA chews and GCS-DOG OMEGA liquid help in managing the specific health requirements of dogs with degenerative joint diseses, while GCS-CAT OMEGA gel does the same thing for cats.

4)    Skin care: This category has the antiseptic Dermavet cream (which helps accelerate the wound-healing process, whether the patient be a dog, cat or any other animal), Oticlear (ear-cleansing solution for dogs and cats), Efazol (skin and coat care solution for dogs, containing Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, among other things), and the Cipla band (cohesive bandages for dogs, cats and horses, which come in various sizes).

5)    Scheduled: This category contains the anti-inflammatory PETCAM oral suspension, available in various sizes and for sundry animals.

6)    Anxiety and stress: This one consists of the Calmeze range of anti-anxiety and -stress pills, liquids and gels – all meant to soothe the nerves of pets pooches and pussies.

In addition to the joint care, deworming, topical and scheduled categories, Cipla offers for its equine consumers an additional category – gastrointestinal. This includes the EQUISYLLIUM fibre, which assists in the management of sand colic and sand-associated diarrhoea.

Truth be told, the above list is only but a small sample of veterinary products from the stable of Cipla. Just like the other hundreds of products manufactured by the company’s plants that are approved by international regulatory agencies, the ones for veterinary purposes are also affordable yet world-class. All said and done, Cipla is India’s pride – just like the great Mahatma.

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