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Clicker Vs Prong Training

09 Nov 2010 | by | Posted in: Training

When people think about training they always get confused. People can not decide what training tool or method they should choose. I am going to give you some basic input on Clicker and Prong Collar Training. The two training method and tool, are most effective in dog training. Different people have different thought some people thinks that prong are rude and unethical way to train because it involves hard correction. Let me tell you something, every tool has its own advantage and effictiveness.

Clicker Training: This is a very popular training tool in animal kingdom based on reward, positive rainforcement and marking of correct action. This is really very effective tool for training a pet quality and soft dogs. When I say pet quality and soft dogs I mean the dominance level of dog is low or modrate and also have modrate pray drive. It doesnt mean that you cant train a hard dog or highly dominant dog. This is very effective in basic obidiance and new trick training. You dont need a serious knowledge you just need basic info and you are ready to train you dog.

Prong Training: This is not a training tool for novice guy. This is a serious training tool, very effective when we train a dominant and high energy level dog with a high prey drive. This is correction based training which imitate a dog bite. but one should be very careful while making correction because there is a very thin line between abuse and coorrection. Wrong correction will confuse your dog, so if you dont know what you are doing please dont do that. This is best training tool for protection and police dogs. 

Before you start your training first figure out the personality of you dog and decide what you except from your dog. If your dog is dominant and have high prey drive and you are novice please do not play Tug-o-war with your dog and always seek for a professional help. I have not discussed the training method in detail. This article is just for basic info about best two method of training a dog. don't treat you dog heavily it will just spoil your dog.




sachin rawte
Hi Gopal,

its nice to hear that you have the proper knowledge of this equipments as very few people know about the equipments and very few trainers in india use it in proper way.You are right not everybody can use this tools for training as they have to educate themselves before using prong as it is effective but only if used in proper manner on specific dog. With clicker one has to be very patient while training as it takes time but is effective .I dont use clickers but i use the same methods by giving verbal cues.I do use prong,electric colars,chokes but in a humane way.I am a schutzhund trainer and breeder of germanshepherds ,i ve worked with Saudi arabia army for years with US k9teams.
I only know one thing that u should not force a dog to do something against its will instead just make it understand what u want with working on its drives as motivation giving positive reinforcement. Wish you all the best for your work.Do keep posting such articles so new trainers and owners can educate themselves.

Sachin rawte


By: sachin rawte | 07 Dec 2010

Gopal Krishna
Thanks For the motivation Sachin. I will keep posting

By: Gopal Krishna | 07 Dec 2010

is it necessary the registration of the dog in the m.c.d. office after being registered in the K.C.I. ????

By: nitin | 22 Dec 2010

I have heard and read about clicker training. Are clickers and manuals available in India/mumbai. Let me know .

By: nithia | 20 Apr 2011

Indrani Sharma
Sure prong collars are effective...and hence their such wide popularity. They are effective and perhaps takes even lesser time than a device like clicker or food training methods would. But we as humans owe it to our dogs to chose a training aid that'll be the least intrusive and that which would not use force and coersion to modify a behavior (Prong collars btw uses the methology of positive punishment to modify behavior - Add something painful to make a behavior go away). I dont believe there's any humane way of using a device as powerful as a prong. Moreover the fact that its not possible for all to use this device correctly itself negates its utility. It is very difficult to train the owners to use a prong to the level of expertise a professional could. Hence as a trainer I would do anything to refrain from using tools like prongs and e collars. I would want my dog to obey me because he WANTS TO or feels MOTIVATED TO obey and not because he is FORCED TO.

By: Indrani Sharma | 18 Aug 2011

Daphne Robert-Hamilton
I'm going to disagree that using compulsive training+prong collar+shock collar is an effective method for K9 units or protection work. You can still use clicker training for high drive dogs. See example from Morten of CanisTV

By: Daphne Robert-Hamilton | 20 Jan 2012

Ashwin Sinha
This ebay seller is selling nice red coclour clicker. i bought it last week and delivered in 3 days. cool imported one nice

By: Ashwin Sinha | 19 Apr 2012

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