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Common Myth About Dogs!!!!

30 Apr 2010 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

Source: wgal.com

Here I am writing few common myths about dogs:

1. Puppy are more intelligent then dogs: There is a common concept that puppies are more intelligent than dogs but the real thing is that both dogs and puppies are equally intelligent. as dogs grow up their will power grows and that make them hard to train because they dont give up easily and follow the command... all dogs wants to acquire the Alpha position

2. Dogs dont understands human: Dogs understands human more than an another human can... In training or daily life once they learn your nature they will try to manupulate human acording to their nature. for example, begging for food or barking and demanding food is very common... but when you see closely you will understand that dogs understands very well that if he beg for food or will bark and demand you will give them food... and once you did that he will do it again because he knows that this is the way you are going to give them what they want... and many other behaviour problem starts with this.

3. Dogs have short memory: No dogs have short memory they know very well the place, the man or anything they do very well and remember it... suppose your dog pooped in your hall or room... they know very well that you wont like it and you will see that they will not go to that place and try to avoid it :)

4. Guard Dogs and Protection Dogs are for Biting People: This is the very common myth and most common desire of many people, and I really feel pity about it. Guard Dogs are for alearting people from any breach in their teritory. And protection dogs are only for used to take control of unexpected situtions. Protection dogs are higly trained dog which can bark, hold and realase anything at single command... even a spitz are guard dogs. Never motivate your dog to bite people.

Hope this is informative for you guys... i will write more very soon




Nice Share Gopal, yes these myths are prevailed amongst most peoples.

By: Ansh | 30 Apr 2010

no gopal spitz are not guard dogs but watch dogs....

By: Shalin | 30 Apr 2010

Hi Gopal thank u for this information

By: Srikaanth | 01 May 2010

Gopal Krishna
@Shalin I am really Sorry Thanks for correcting me... I was thinking about something else...

By: Gopal Krishna | 01 May 2010

Capt Peeyush Nath
Nice one Gopal..!!

By: Capt Peeyush Nath | 01 May 2010

Tushar Kanchan
good article for new dog owners. nice gopal

By: Tushar Kanchan | 01 May 2010

KamalRaj J Kuppal
You also missed one familier myths... i.e. Dog can realise/see evils, souls, and so on...

By: KamalRaj J Kuppal | 05 May 2010

Gopal Krishna
@ Kamal

Thanks for the add... I did not want do that because its more of spritual subject than scientific... different people have different believe and these believes are thousands of years...

But here are 2 more facts:

1. Dogs cannot see colors; they only can see the world in black and white.

2. Owning a Dog could make a person live longer by almost 3 years.

enjoy you pal :) live long

By: Gopal Krishna | 05 May 2010

1.puppies intellect improves with age,due to growth and also acquired knowledge.That means puppies are not as smart as grown dog is.That is why,except for basic training,all other training is done after one year of age.Obedience,agility,explosiv e detection,guide dog all...
2.Dogs and humans think differently.Reasoning is week in dogs,but they can pick up
emotions,body language of people better than human.
3.It is not memory ,but reasoning time or cause and effect relationship time for
dogs is small.The dog simply does not associate its pooping with guilt but it is owners tone,body language make them fearful.If in past if owner has scolded the
dog for pooping,the dog has reasoned that owner shouts whenever he comes home,
so better to be away.It simply has no association with act of pooping,which was done hours earlier.To make him understand you need to catch him in the act,full stop.Most dog bites(except rabid)are out of fear than aggression.Confident dogs seldom bite.Dogs spending longer time with littermates know not to use teeth.
Lastly,2 walks a day with your dog or even without it,can add 10 years to your life.
There are array of parasites,fungi,bacteria,aller gies and dieseases you can borrow from your dog,and fall sick.
A labradore promptly bringing you the news paper is nothing more than a puppy which never grows up.A more intelligent Afghan would never do that,because it can
ask,what is it in doing that for him.But it can anticipate the running rabbit's next move and outsmart it.So intelligence and obedience are two different things.

By: PRADEEP KOUSHIK | 28 Jan 2012

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