Complete Food a Stepping Stone to a Balanced Life

22 Nov 2013 | by | Posted in: Nutrition

Your pet may be salivating looking at the yummy cupcake on that kitchen counter but is it good for him or her? There will be many of us who would swap the real life stories of their pet liking to gorge on a specific kind of food.  As an ardent dog lover, I have interacted with different dog owners and there have been few people who have said that they have pets that are fond of rajma chawal surprised? Don’t be there will be a lot of readers nodding or relating to this fact and then there will be others raising the eyebrows on people who let their pet have such food but the question we are discussing here is that whether we should give it to them or not.

There has been a growing debate in the world as to which food is better for your pet home cooked food or dry commercially packaged food. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. There is no one right way in this discussion. Each has its pros and cons, here we take bring the views of some of the industry experts and see what they have to say about this.

 Dr Satbir Josan, a renowned veterinarian who runs his own clinic in Gurgaon feels

Most of the people who come to his clinic feed their pets only chapatti and milk. This is their staple diet most of the times. He feels that this food is not bad for the pet but can give rise to some nutritional issues i.e. there can be too much carbohydrate for the dog. This is not a balanced food; a balanced food will mean a good mix of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins micro nutrients and little of fat as well. There can be times that this can go missing from your pets diet with the mundane home cooked food.

He recommends rice as a better source of carbohydrate than gluten, so he personally recommends that this can be a better substitute to home cooked meal than chapattis. He feels that if pet owners want to give their pets home cooked food then they can give chicken and egg, which is a rich source of protein. If there are pet owners who are strictly vegetarians then he recommends them to give their pets paneer. Along with these seasonal vegetables such pumpkin or bottle gourd can be added to the food to give them fibre.

He feels that even excess of the dry dog food can at times give rise to various kidney problems in your pet so the best thing to do is to give them a mix of both. This will maintain palatability and nutrition for all pets.

U.K. Atheya , Professor, Veterinary Sciences

He feels that commercial animal protein based food is more palatable for dogs but they can be a little expensive in the longer run and if you are feeding your dog low quality cheaper proceed products then they might keep on changing the ingredients to keep the control on the cost, which can at times can result in reduced palatability of food for your dog. So, it is advisable not to change the brand for your dog.

He feels that at times people cannot afford such high priced food or there can be times that the particular brand is unavailable in the small cities. In such cases home cooked food can be perfect for the pets. Though, the only thing that has to be kept in mind is that it should be a complete meal. There should be balance between carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats.

He also clarifies that dogs can survive on a vegetarian diet as well and adjust well to what humans eat on a regular basis such as eggs, paneer, curd and cheese. They are as good as the non-vegetarian food that is fed to the pets.

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