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Concept and Process to make your Dog a Champion

09 Jul 2013 | by | Posted in: Training

How does my dog become a champion?

When most people think of Dog Shows, they think of Conformation Dog Shows. In conformation dog shows, each exhibit is evaluated according to its breed type and how closely the exhibit approaches the ideal specimen represented by the Breed Standards. (Breed Standards are a set of guidelines which are used by a Kennel Club to ensure that animals produced by a breeder conform to the species of the breed. Breed Standards define the ideal conformation of a breed and entice breeders to improve their current or future stock of animals). Apart from Conformation Dog Shows, there are other types of Dog Shows as well, most popular out of which are Agility Dog Shows and Obedience Dog Shows.

Source: glenauldboxers.com

This article aims at explaining the concept of Championship in Conformation Dog Shows. For people who are already part of the “Dog Show World” the tag of Champion for their dog means a lot, but for people who are new to the concept of Dog Shows, understanding the concept of Championship can be quite a task. Whenever you see a “Ch.” before a dog’s registered name, it means the dog has the title of Champion.

In India, the major club is The Kennel Club of India. For, The Kennel Club of India Championship, a dog must gain three Challenge Certificates (Challenge Certificates are certificates issued by KCI appointed Judges, they mean that your dog is so pure to the breed that it is worthy of challenging dog titled ‘Champion’)  from three different judges awarded when the dog is over 12 months old.  Any specimen who wins this specific number of certificates is called a Champion. Different clubs around the world have different requirements for a dog to be called champion.

Any number of Reserve Challenge Certificates will NOT earn your dog the title of Champion.

Once you have attained three challenge certificates, you have to send the photocopy of these certificates and a fully filled out form requesting Championship Certification to the Kennel Club of India.

When buying puppies (if the lineages of the puppies are known and the puppies are registered to The KCI) it is easier for people to predict whether the puppy would become a Champion or not. If a puppy has many Champions in its ancestry, then it is most likely that a puppy would meet the expectations of purity and is likely to become a champion as well. 


rahul raghav
Dear Author ,thanks for the post its give me Only one Info That if Puppy comes from Chamion family that it most likely to be the champion. I have 3 Months Old gsd Puppy comes feom V Rank holder dog family.Kindly Add few More tips for upcoming champion Covering:-1.Dog care-apart From Vaccination Its Feeding, How much feed should give starting from 3 Months Old GSD Puppy.2.What should be the right Posture of dog when feed for good Neck.3.How Much brisk walk and running required in a day.4.when we can begin with stack training.I shall be greatful if you send mail on rahul.raghav@educomp.com also.Regards,Rahul RaghavMeerut-8899288211

By: rahul raghav | 18 Feb 2014

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Sunur Devavrat

Hi, I am a graduate in Economics and am working with DogSpot.in. I was born into a family who loves dogs and inevitably inculcated love for man’s best friend. I have been attending, participating and organizing conformation dog shows for as long as I remember and hope to become a judge as well someday. I play daddy to 3 Beagles and 1 Pomeranian at the moment. I would be sharing my experiences and knowledge with people so as to help them to the best of my ability.

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