Councillor Leads The Way And Kills 10 Stray Dogs in Kerala

19 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Stray dog attacks were going up in numbers at a rocket speed in Piravom. These fanatical dogs pounced on the pedestrians. Local people of the town came with these stray dogs and protested during the council meeting. But, the menace that the stray dogs created was totally uncontrollable. To deal with the situation, the councillor of Piravom, Ranjan, along with 2 helpers, the Kerala Youth Front State Vice President Gils Periyappuram stepped out and caught the dogs, followed by killing them. About 10 dogs across the state were caught and killed. The stray dogs were caught on between a couple hours.


Image Source: TheHindu


The stray dogs in Ernakulam were creating a hazard all around. These dogs caused fear and panic amongst the general public. According to Gils, they did not seem to find any other way to deal with this problem. This was the best possible solution to them.

The police officials were quick to act upon the situation and arrested Gils Periyappuram for killing 10 dogs. However, he was later released on bail.


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Recently, around mid august 2016, a 65-year old woman was mauled to death by a large pack of stray dogs. Even the Supreme Court has given a decision that showing compassion to stray dogs is fine, but they can’t be allowed to become a nuisance to the society.

But, killing strays isn’t the only solution here. Neutering and sterilization can also be used to curb the population of strays. We hope a better way out than killing dogs turn up soon.

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