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05 Jul 2016 | by Deepshikha Tahiliani | Posted in: Wag News

Not everyone has the same of having fun with their pets. Each one of them have different ways, some make their pups dress up in top notch fashion trends, some play with them in the park and some come up with weirdest and most adorable ways.

About two months ago, the couple adopted the cutest pug and named him Monsieur Georges. Both of them are doodle artists and their creativity gave rise to some of the most adorable doodles that they did on their pug's pictures. Monsieur Georges has its own Instagram account and the pictures accelerate from cute to laugh out loud in seconds.


1. When he was just a little baby


Image Source: boredpanda.com


I mean just look at that adorable face. Awww…


2. Unicorns exists


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Or shall we say Unipug!


3. Pugrina or Ballerina


Image Source: boredpanda.com


We don’t care about the name, all we care is how cute is Monsieur Georges.


4. Another Harry Potter fan


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Quidditch much?


5. FIFA!!!!!!!


Image Source: boredpada.com


Soccer fever still on!


6. Summer days are the best


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Anyone for grilled sausage?


7. O yes!!


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Monsieur George surely make a better cowboy than anyone else.


8. Ceaser couldn’t have been better!


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Don’t you think so?


9. Let’s work out!


Image Source: boredpanda.com


Don’t be a lazy bum now!


10. SuperPug to the rescue


Image Source: boredpanda.com


New superhero in the making.


These doodles turn out to be one of the most creative ways to have fun with tons of pictures of your dog that are saved in your cell phone. Try and make most of them. Also, don’t forget to share them us in the comments section.

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