Couple Raises Community Of Bikers To Feed And Rescue Stray Dogs

02 Aug 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Sometimes even small thought can turn things into big. A Bengaluru couple, Sushant Ajnikar and his wife Anita Rane are doing something that would make your heart melt in seconds. They are raising a community of bikers, who would feed and rescue street/injured/abandoned dogs. This all started when the couple found a black dog in a miserable condition lying on the road. They quickly aided and feed him and carried the mutt to a close by a company, where the security guards were helpful enough to let the dog reside for a night. The guards’ help was certainly a good deed they saw that day.


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The next morning, Sushant and Anita went to check the dog, but unfortunately, he wasn’t there. After a little search, they found him in a dry gutter. All this was seen by the employees of the company where the dog was left for the night. The owner of the firm was a helpful person, who gave biscuits and milk for the mutt and promised to take care of the pooch. Sushant mentioned saying that “Every time I drive by that area, I still hope for a glimpse of that dog. Once, we were stuck in a jam and I saw the same dog, limping slightly into a small lane. He looked healthy and happy, and although I saw him for just 10 seconds, I knew deep in my heart that he had survived and was well. To know that you saved a life is an overwhelming feeling.”


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Till now the couple has rescued numerous dogs. Both of them have immense love for four-legged tail waggers. They even have 3 dogs at home. With such passionate love, fervour for biking and supporting partner like Anita, Sushant idea of bringing together India’s biking community to rescue and feed street dogs is certainly the best thing.


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Since the time, the notion of uniting the bikers of India to help the stray dogs, Sushant has already done one huge trip to Ladakh. Throughout this trip, dogs they found around the streets were helped in every way possible. Recalling the trip, Sushant says, “When people got wind of the fact that I was doing this to spread awareness about adopting Indian dogs, the reactions were priceless — many jaws dropped, strangers came forth to hug me, free meals and places to stay were offered, free servicing offers for my bike were extended — people were so nice to me, encouraging me, enthusiastically shaking my hand and wishing me luck.”

The couple is ready to take their second trip this September. There are more than 30 bikers this time and many people from their 3200 Facebook page followers are happy to help and support the cause.

All that dogs need is love and compassion. A little sympathy and a bit of empathy will certainly make their lives better and get them adopted. No animal would harm you unless you provoke them. Hence, support the cause and show a little consideration towards the ones who can’t voice themselves.

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