My Cutie and Me.

11 Jun 2013 | by | Posted in: Travel

7 Years ago when I was about to complete my B.Sc Graduation I found one cute puppy in our Lady Keane Hostel Premises, Shillong. She was really cute. I saw some of my junior surrounding her.  When I went there I saw a very very really cute one.  she was just like one of my old dog one who always follow us during our school time (Oh how I feel embarrassed  when many of my classmates tease me that Parana’s dog following her , anyway that time I was just in Class 1 and still small ha haa..) Then I went near to her I ask for Handshake and she responded me.  wow!  Then I ask my junior to allow me to adopt her as she was looking after her for 2-3 days ago. And she allowed me as she was about to go to her home for holidays. I was very Happy and many of my friends also encourage me Thanks to one of my friend Kevi one who always around with my puppy. But there was a BIG BUT as I am also staying in Hostel, Question arises me that “Wether our Warden will allow me or not”?  As she is very strict. Then I realize there are many dogs come to our hostel to eat the leftover food.  Many of my hostel friends, matrons, cooks and Chawkidars also encourage me if I want to take her to my Home. She gets along with everyone. She was really adorable and get along even with warden dogs (Sussie and Tomy and Blackie) They always play together and run and chase etc etc. By seeing her I got so afraid that warden will find out that one of her hotelier is keeping pet. But surprisingly what she said you know she said such an adorable dog from where you got her.  After 3 month later I was also about to go my home for good (bag and baggage’s) with my Cutie as I have completed my exam.  On the Last day when I went to meet her (Warden ) and bid her good bye “She ask me for Cutie Prasanna why don’t you left your Cutie with us as my dogs go along. But I said to her “No” and I told her that I am taking her to my home.

During my Travelling time I really face problem because of Cutie. One Lady complains to conductor, Govt. Bus. So, I have to cancel my ticket and I have to get another ticket to me and to her in private bus. Thank God I reach to Guwahati safely.  In the Second travelling I do not face problem as almost all the passenger are from my hometown only.  So we start our journey at 6 a.m, reach home at around 6:30 p.m.  She was very happy after seeing the big space and as she was introduce to new home and my other siblings and parents. Oh yes I did not forget to my other faithful, lovely 2 dogs also and one cat to her.

She lives only for 7 years only due to throat infection she died in absence of me when I was at my work station. I am really very sorry for her. 

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