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How to Deal With The Dominant Dog

18 Mar 2011 | by | Posted in: Training

How to Deal With The Dominant Dog, Some people might  find it harsh and cruel
but one has to follow some negative rules to get something positive out of it.
First you have to demonstrate you are worthy of
your dog's respect.
Source: doggydan.com
Tip 1: No excess luxuries for your pugnacious pooch. Until
you clearly establish yourself as dominant to your dog, there
should be no freedom for him to decide what he can do. If
he's not in the crate (or kennel run), he should be doing
only one of four different things: Being trained, fed,
exercised, or allowed to defecate. Pretty soon, working and 
Tip #2: Spit in your dog's food. This sounds disgusting,
right? Instinctively, the most dominant dog in the pack eats
first, which means that his scent (saliva) is on the food.
The subordinate dogs in the pack can interpret this as a
form of marking, thus you are saying, "It's not automatically
your food! It's my food, but I'm letting you have some,
because I'm more dominant than you."
Tip #3: When I say "Jump," you say, "How high?" Show your
dog that you never issue idol threats and always mean what
you say. If you tell your dog to lay down, make sure-- no
matter what-- that in the end, he will be laying down. Never
give a command you cannot enforce. Building dominance is a
process which can take several months to achieve. If, when
you first get your dog, you do not establish yourself as the
pack leader within the first week or two of your relationship,
it will be a longer process to re-establish your relationship
later in your dog's life.

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