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How do deal with having a Lab inside a house? - NO access to a balcony or terrace!

08 Apr 2009 | by | Posted in: Training

I have a 2.5 months old Lab puppy. I live on the first floor of an independant house. The 1st floor does not open to any balcony. So the dog currently uses one of my bedrooms (which is empty) for living, eating and even eliminating. The eliminating has become a big problem now. He urinates and eliminates wherever he wants. Initially I trained (or so I thought!) him to the bathroom. But then that lasted hardly for a couple of days. Both me and my fiancee work and our maid takes care of him when we are not at home. Which is also one more issue right now. I love dogs a lot. And the dream of owning my own dog is kind of getting shattered day by day. How do I deal with this? Can a Lab not stay just in the house and still be a well mannered and not a bothersome kid? :(


i would call it cruel!
Just pray tht meneka gandhi does not read this,

By: Vizal | 08 Apr 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
imagine yourself locked in a room and think if its good? same applies for any living animal too. you can take the pup for walk 3-4 times day n see if u can solve the problem or look for a new home for the pup to be rehomed as it will be less stressful for the pup at this stage.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 09 Apr 2009

Pavan, I agree with Doggie Dude . You must do the following things :
- Give the little guy some fresh air ,take him for a walk 3-4 times a day . you have a maid who can take him for a walk when you guys are at work . ( morning, afternoon , evening, and right before sleeping)
- After coming back from home spend atleast half an hour playing , scratching- giving your undivided attention with him . don’t leave everything to the maid.
- Start with potty training seriously .This is the right time - see the attached link .No dog is potty trained from birth .it is unfair to assume the same .

Now you must be aware that owning a dog is much more that cuddling and petting . it’s a full time job and require lot of your time and dedication .
If you don’t have time even to do the above then I am sorry to day that you are unfit to keep a dog and must put him up for adoption for a more loving and deserving family.

By: DoggieDawg | 09 Apr 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
do not feed him heavy before the journey.. give ligh easy to digest things to eat. keep glucon D poweder and add to water whenever you stop. you can feed him treats, cookies/buiscuits in journey.
Keep him leashed in the car..i mean not on just collar. have a leash hooked to it. Reason being whenever you stop and open the door, pup might want to jump out suddenly and is very risky on highway. so leash him BEFORE you open the door.

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 13 Apr 2009

Dinkar Singh
What were you thinking when you got this dog. It is because of irresponsible owners like you that we have so many pedigree dogs up for adoption. Dogs are not toys they too are living things and have feelings. If you are that big a dog lover shift to a house. Getting a balcony is not the answer. You also need to regularly walk the dog and play with it. labs are not small dogs and they need their exercise and training. I get furious when I read stuff like this and you are supposed to be educated.

By: Dinkar Singh | 16 Apr 2009

Puneet Sharma
Dear Dinkar Singh

Although you might be absolutely right, but I guess your communication style is not apt... you had replied onto a blog of mine too... "People like you...." seems to be your favourite, lets not get mud slinging here... Would appreciate that you refrain from such replies... everyone has a right to free expression but lets not overdo it and hurt some feelings! Sincere request only.. no offences meant!

Am a dog lover myself but I treat humans more valuable than dogs, not that I do not love my dogs, I love them like crazy, but a dog should by no means surpass the value of a human, thats my belief!! (Could be 100% wrong but thats that).

Hope you understand...!!

Respect & Peace

By: Puneet Sharma | 16 Apr 2009

Dinkar Singh
ATTN: Iswear

I think you have not read my short reply in the first place. I did give you a solution. If you really love your dog move to a house and not another apartment. I also mentioned regular walks and exercise. Please see by first response again.

By: Dinkar Singh | 22 Apr 2009

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