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Indies. Strays. Streeties. Majority of us ignore them on the roads. Many of us are scared of them. A lot of us shove them away. Some of us like to pet them. A very few of us go ahead and feed them. But this article is not about any of us. This article is about those rare people who go ahead and make them a part of their family. salutes the real life heroes, who have given, love, care and shelter to our ‘unwanted Indian strays’- desi dogs and desi cats. We are proud of you people who have kept the real Hindustani spirit alive inside, without being ashamed of it.

Presenting 11 extraordinary stories of ordinary pet lovers which will move your heart to bits!

Debadrita Jadhav

Little Hatchi was on the roads with her siblings, fragile and motherless. As the days kept passing by, people came forward and helped all her siblings get adopted. But no one came forward for Hatchi. Cute and cuddlesome, little did Hatchi know that she was not wanted in this world driven by perfection, being a poor three-legged puppy. That is when Debadrita met her! As they say “Good things always come late”, it was bang on true in the case of Hatchi. The kind-hearted woman immediately knew that Hatchi belonged to her. Unlike the several other times when Debbie would have lovingly taken the helpless and ailing dogs and cats into the care of her shelter, this time it was different. She knew Hatchi was meant to be in her home!


Debbie and Hatchi

Today Hatchi is not just an important member of the family, but also a motherly figure to Debbie’s 2 sons and more than 50 fur kids at her shelter! Sometimes she appears so caring that her mom couldn’t resist confessing “she is more protective than me”. Debbie further added “She is good with everyone, even a lizard”, and so adjusting that she settles in whatever place may it be and eats anything that is offered to her! Hatchi shares her home with her human parents, 2 human brothers, and a cat sister Pari, and inspires hundreds of people around her everyday!


Divya Puri

I met Bebo in a dog socialization meet and I was sure of one thing that this female does carry some air about herself! And soon it was confirmed by her doting mumma Divya. Bebo, the queen of her house, is a pack leader amongst her 3 other fur-siblings, who are actually elder to her! Divya fondly calls her the ‘Goonda’ of the house and said, “the rest are scared of her. They will do exactly what she tells them. If she wants to play with a particular toy none of them will dare to touch that toy.” The best part is that two of these siblings are a Rottweiler and a Dobermann respectively!


Divya and Bebo

Bebo was discarded by a dumpster truck in Divya’s lane when she was just a 2 months old puppy. Divya tried getting her adopted, but no one wanted an Indie pup. She even tried placing her in the care of the kind security guard, but Bebo howled and cried as she felt lonely. It was a tough decision to take her home, when Divya already had 3 furbabies, apart from caring and feeding 60 street kids! But one look into Bebo’s eyes, and a new chapter in Divya and her family’s life was written! Bebo, now 2 years old, is a very beautiful, confident, charming and worldly-wise girl, who keeps her brood on their toes and the heart of her mum clenched in her fist!! She is a good girl though "she steals treats" sometimes but then makes it a point to share these with her siblings too! Haha, what cuteness!!

Pooja Rampal

Pooja, the happiest pet mom ever, could chatter endlessly about her loveballs n told me really amusingly that Kiwi, her video-fanatic kitty "doesn’t like the Kabira song, but he loves O Piya from ABCD-2"! At that very moment, I took an instant liking towards Pooja, and I knew that this is going to be the most interesting chat ever!

Mother to a bunch of cutest kittens in the world, Pooja calls herself “a maniac mother of 4 maniac kittens!” Little kittens all over the household, jumping to the beats of bolloywood songs and being glued on to YouTube videos- well it happens only in Pooja’s home! Listening to Pooja talking about the hardships these kitten went through before landing up with her, seems so surreal because she and her husband Rohit have tranformed their lives magically. Little Kiwi, the video-crazy fellow was rescued from slums when some kids were playing catch-catch with him, Softy’s mother was eloctrucuted, rendering him an orphan, Potlu was thrown out by their neighbours mercilessly and little Potu was brought to Pooja’s mother’s home by the house cat, probably for his dinner!


Pooja's Husband Rohit with Kiwi, Softy and Potlu

Chirpy Pooja on being asked about how is it to have four little energyballs at home, exclaimed, “I am on my toes always. They are always hanging on curtains; they know to ascend but haven’t learnt to descend, so they reach the top n then cry and I have to run to their rescue!” Always be happy like this, Pooja!

Dipreet Kwatra

She's part of me. I just didn't give birth to her, but I introduce her to everyone as my daughter. And that's what she is.”

Those who know Dipreet will vouch for the fact that more than a pet, or a kid, Tina is a passion for Dipreet. Tina connects to those chords of Dipreet’s heart, which have ever been exposed to anyone else.

Dipreet rescued little Tina in 2011 from her hideout under a car, being attacked by big dogs from all the sides. The tiny pup was scared and timid, and took on to Dipreet’s love within moments. She was taken home, cleaned, bathed and fed, and Dipreet placed her in her lawn inside her grilled gate in a hope that she might get united with her mother. But the little lady squeezed herself out of the gate and went wandering again. This time the attack of the local dogs was fiercer and Dipreet then realized that she shouldn't take any more chances with this little one!


Dipreet and Tina

Dipreet, not in favour of leaving a pooch behind for prolonged hours, worked out an arrangement with her brother, so she would be back by the time he is ready to leave for work and vice versa. By that time Dipreet realized that this tiny thing was there to stay and lovingly named her Tina! Tina on the other hand always kept close to Dipreet and showed her love by being extra protective and amazingly expressive! Dipreet has nursed Tina through her ailments and several other medical issues Tina is suffering from, no less than a real mother. “Somehow Tina trusts that whatever I'll do, even if it is very painful, it will get her better”, confided Dipreet!

Pallavi U Dar

Kali came into Pallavi’s life when her quest to adopt an adult dog took her to one of the animal shelters in Kathmandu. Residing in Nepal that time, Pallavi was looking for an adult dog mainly becaue she knew that older dogs seldom got homes. For 4 year old Kali, Pallavi came as an angel in disguise! Kali blended with everyone in the home as she was just a pup. The day Kali joined the family, Pallavi’s daughter wore the “brightest of her lehngas” to express her happiness! 

2 years after Kali joined the family, it was the time for Pallavi and family to return to India. But Pallavi knew for sure that Kali was not going to stay back. Upon being asked whether she considered rehoming Kali, Pallavi gasped “Oh Lord No”- an expression which failed a thousand words! Kali last year welcomed another Indie baby brother Jerry into the family!


Pallavi's daughter with Kali (wearing her best lehnga!)

Suffering from mild kidney problems but going strong under mumma’s personal care, now the 12 years old Kali is an inseparable part of Pallavi and her family’s life. Talking about Kali, Pallavi said “We have had her for 8 years now, and I can't imagine not having her in my life”. “She lights up our life. She is the best behaved of all my children, human and canine, and I am blessed to have her.”, added Pallavi.

Sanjib G Chakraborty

Guys, make way for Mr. Bubun Chakraborty- A Social Media Freak Pooch!

Bubun, as lovely as his name sounds, was a harbinger of love in Sanjib and his wife’s life. Bubun, 13 year old and a cancer survivor, is still a kid at heart and so much like a puppy for his age! Bubun was born in Sanjib’s neighbourhood; a weak, fragile puppy, whose mother deserted him at birth. But with all the love and care Bubun got from his human parents, he grew up to be the smartest and strongest kid around! Bubun, Sanjib said “is very friendly, and if you become his friend, then you are his friend for life!” Sanjib could talk endlessly about Bubun and he laughed as mentioned, “He becomes the Guardian of the house when I am on my job, travelling. But when I am back, he is like ‘Duniya Jaaye Tel Lene’!”


Sanjib's wife with Bubun

Bubun, when he entered this family, did not just fill the emptiness created by the loss of Sanjib’s first dog, but also came as a boon for his wife who was still recovering from a cerebral attack. It didn’t take any time for Bubun to become the apple of his parents’ eyes, and in turn in him, Sanjib and his wife found a child to love forever!

Sanjib and his wife do not have kids, but then, they do not miss having kids. They have Bubun, and Bubun has them!

Shipra Singhal Tandon

When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it.”

Shipra once found a kitten who had a broken leg and was bitten by a dog. She fell in love with this handful of a loveball and tried getting him treated, only to see him succumbing to his injuries within just 10 days. This incidence shook Shipra from within and she could never forget the little heartbeat in her palms. Within a year she came across another pair of rescue kitties of which one looked exactly like the kitten she lost! Shipra was totally smitten by this white furball with two black dots (exactly like her first love!) but she was scared to lose love for a second time. But then, has anyone won over destiny? And so this pair of awesomeness was gifted to her by a friend, the same day, whom she lovingly named Barfi and Jhilmil! (Remember the pair from Anurag Basu’s movie Barfi?)


Shipra, Barfi and Jhilmil

But well, if you think that’s how the happy story began, you are mistaken! Shipra’s mom was totally against these beautiful babies and Shipra had to get them a refuge in a friend’s house. Barfi and Jhilmil made their way into their home only a month later, but it took them a whole year to pave their way into their granny’s heart! And today they are their Granny’s heartbeats, and she can spend an entire day just talking to them! 

Shipra got married a few months back but the pain of their separation still lingers deep inside her. When I asked her casually what these furballs mean to her, this is what she said, which touched my heart profoundly- “Now how would you explain what your parents mean to you... or what does rain make you feel... Somethings are beyond words and this tops the list.

Nilanjana Thaosen

It was a cold wintery Delhi afternoon that changed Nilanjana’s life forever. Cold, hungry and having lost all his siblings in an accident, a puppy was spotted by Nilanjana, who had scant chances at life. She covered him in her own jacket and brought him home. A little food and lots of love was enough for him to follow her happily everywhere in the house, on the very first day itself. It was as if he realized that he has found the place where he belongs to, and little Zed was right! A pet parent by accident, Nilanjana had no idea how to care for such a young baby. Needless to say, she spent many a sleepless nights watching videos and reading about how to raise a pup! While it was fun to have an energy ball around, it also brought forth several challenges like dealing with a destructive behaviour and potty training a guy who wouldn’t want to do his job outside!


Nilanjana and Zed

Slowly the times changed and Nilanjana’s perseverance started reflecting in his behaviour. The best decision she took was not to give up on Zed. He was the one who gave her the ultimate feeling of “being a mommy”. Today when Nilanjana looks back on her hard times of Zed’s puppyhood, she can’t help but smile on them. Nilanjana earnestly counts her blessings in Zed and says “This monsoon we spent time feeling the rain and chasing ball, being perfectly content with our life. Having a dog has made me experience some beautiful things that I’d forgotten about. It’s amazing how sometimes it takes the presence of a dog in your life to realize and appreciative the beauty of life.” 

Vimal Makkar

Pari was born in a park next to Vimal’s office in Gurgaon. Vimal, moved by the charm and innocence of Pari and her siblings, alongwith some friends, arranged for makeshift tent as an accommodation and some utensils to serve them food in. But as days passed on, these pups started succumbing to the adverse climatic heat one by one, and just Pari and her brother were alive. This got Vimal thinking hard. Very soon he heard the news that the other babynalso lost his life in a road accident, and that was when Vimal decided to save Pari, whatever may come. He took an unconscious Pari to hospital, who was suffering from a major heat stroke, and got her treated.

Vimal and his wife both were working and they already had another furkid, a Boxer name Brutus at home, which put Vimal in a dilemma as to how will he manage one more baby. But to his surprise his “wife was too happy to have Pari home, and Brutus the big brother was more than welcoming”! Pari had her share of insecurities, but she coped up well! Last year Pari and family welcomed her human sister, Evika to the family and it is worth mentioning that Pari loves Evika so much that “Evika shares her cookies only with Pari!”


Vimal's daughter Evika and Pari

Though Pari is really treasured like a gem at home, but Vimal at times cannot ignore the bias society shows towards his boxer as compared to this Indie baby. He wishes that there comes a time when people would love dogs based on their hearts rather than the breed! We are with you in your prayers Vimal.

Simran Oberoi

An Indian ‘stray’ dog struggling to cross the road, wagging its tail tentatively at each passer-by and gazing up at every vehicle in an attempt to reach out to those inside”- That is how a timid “well-trained” dog with her ‘lamb-like demeanour’ struck in the eyes of Simran, at a traffic signal, 2 years back. Simran was horrified to find out that the dog was elderly, had a poor eyesight, and was carrying a look of bewilderment in eyes that screamed- I am abandoned. Simran got her home, and named her hope, because inside such a frail and fragile body, there was an immense power to thrive.


Simran and her daughter with Hope (right) and Elsa

It took Hope some time to come out of the trauma of abandonment and adjust to her new family. Her first bark also came only after a period of one month! But then, there is a heavenly healing power in a mother’s love, and Simran proved it right against all the odds! Today, all of 11 years old, Hope enjoys a beautiful life nestled amongst loving parents, another Indie Sister Elsa, and a doting 20 month old human baby brother, who calls her “Hopey”. It took 9 long years for Hope to meet her happily-ever-after life. But as we all know- All is well that ends well!

Aparna Bose Dey

You can never forget the ‘firsts’ of your life. Be it the first day of your college, first job, first salary or your first furkid! Sheeba, an Indian Pariah came to Aparna from a shelter when she was barely 6 weeks young. She was a beautiful child and within no time she became “an apple of eye” and “the most loved child in the family” for Aparna.

Aparna did everything for Sheeba that one would do for one’s own child. What makes Sheeba’s life most distinguished according to Aparna is, “she is one of the best-travelled dog one may ever come across”! Sheeba was made a part of everything Aparna did, and she thus became a part of almost all the family holidays too! She was the most treasured part of Aparna’s life and she could never part with Sheeba, even for a day!


The biggest challenge came a year later when Aparna got to know that they had to move to Indianapolis, U.S. Outstation trips were fine but this was something different. Well, but for Aparna, there wasn’t even an option of parting with Sheeba, as parting with Sheeba would have meant leaving a part of her heart behind! Not only did Sheeba travel with the family, but also enjoyed going on vacations to places like Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky and so on which may be just a dream of a majority of the pet parents! Now Sheeba is back to India along with another adopted Husky brother from the shelter in the US. Today she is a grand old lady of 13.5 years, but still the most pampered kid of the family!


All these stories are very warm and awe-inspiring, but what touched me the most is how these rescued/adopted "stray" babies in turn changed the lives of their pet parents for good. And there was no rocket-science behind what they did... All they had was a good intent, and things automatically fell into the right place!

If these stories inspire you, then please share them with friends and spread inspiration across!

Author's Note: I extend my earnest thanks to each and every single person who came forward and shared his/her heart out to me. I earnestly hope that this is not just a project which has been completed, but the welcoming of an Indie-pendent era which is about to begin!

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