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In this rat race to come first and be the best, it is impossible to find people like Debnath and Devangana. They do not want to be a part of this rat race, there goal is to quit their white collared jobs in the city and move to a farm with lots of open spaces. “It is the farmland calling, we want open spaces where more pets like our Sage can run free” says Devangana a resident of Bangalore.

dog Adoption StoriesThis is a story of one human who displayed unconditional affection for Sage and of another who chose to be inhumane by abandoning him. Devangana always saw kids playing with this small puppy neat her house whenever she returned from work. There was a small red ribbon around his neck. She recalls one of the kids says “he is mine. We would see both of them on everyday basis; the parents would give the puppy food and had even kept a carton outside for it. But that was a short phase; I could not even imagine that another fellow human can be so heartless.”

After the initial kindness shown by the family, things took a wayward turn, “one Sunday afternoon we could hear the puppy whining, we thought that he was probably chained or something and wants to run free but when the noises did not stop even after one am. I went out to check.” says Devangana. The scene that greeted her was shocking the little pup has been abandoned by the family. He was hiding in a pumpkin patch to avoid all stray dogs around him who were just snapping at the lost pup. The plight of the puppy urged Devangana to bring this little bundle of joy home and it has been a happy association since with the addition of Sage to their family.

Devangana like many other social crusaders believes that you should not buy or sell puppies. She believes that it requires much more heart and guts to adopt a pet rather than just buying a pet. She says, “These days it is easy to throw money and buy almost anything, but you cannot buy the satisfaction of adopting a pet from money. It is something you do just for the love of It.” she strongly refutes the idea of selling puppies. She says that one should not keep a pet just to make money out of it. It is not a golden goose. They are part of family treat them like one.

This statement of Devangana will find many takers. Is it correct to breed dogs just for money? Will you be able to give them selfless and unconditional love if you know that you will be selling the puppies? If you want to give a pet to your child then he will not know the difference between a pedigree and stray, he wants a companion. Give him a companion, a friend not a breed just to flaunt to your friends.

pet Adoption StoriesDevangana says, “adopting a pet is a huge step, think carefully can you love your pet endlessly, take care of it and feed in on time and be part of its life in sickness and health. If you can then only take the plunge, there are bound to be days when you will exasperated.”

She believes that all prospective adoptive parents should be given the ground zero reality. We all talk about the good things of having a pet but only few talk about the additional responsibility that comes with having a pet. “If everyone is given the correct picture before they decide to adopt a pet there will be few cases of pets being abandoned like my Sage” she says.

You have to give time to your pet to get used to you. He or she may take some time to adapt to their new surrounding and parents. But remember the love and affection is just waiting to be embraced on the next corner. Devangana was lucky Sage clung to her right from the beginning, he is extremely docile she says and has not even growled at anybody yet. Though she feels that the initial; trauma for Sage has made him extremely quiet but her loving care and affection has ensured that he has a wonderful home.

So what is the best part of having Sage in her life and she quickly responds. “He sleeps in our bed and to make each day more perfect we are woken up with this cold nose nudging us to wake up every morning. That is the beginning of a wonderful day.

As narrated to PetSanta

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