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Deerhound at a Glance

13 Jun 2012 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

General Appearance: Deerhounds are soft, delicate with average length, harsh, rough and have blue-grey coat which is easy to care. They are extremely sweet, affectionate, loyal, and dedicated. As per nature Deerhound's temperament is docile; they are good tempered, and are never suspicious and aggressive. The head is long with a slightly aquiline nose, the eyes are dark, and the ears are small and folded.

Head: The head of the Deerhounds is broadest at the ears, narrowing slightly to the eyes, with the muzzle tapering more decidedly to the nose. The muzzle should be pointed, but the teeth and lips must be at the level.


Source: dog-breeds.findthebest.com

Neck and Shoulders: The neck should be long and strong enough to hold a stag. The nape of the neck should be very prominent where the head is set on and the throat is cleancut at the angle and prominent. Shoulders should be well sloped and blades well back without much width between them. Loaded and straight shoulders are very bad faults.

Eyes: Eyes are generally dark brown, brown or hazel. A very light eye is not liked. The eyes may be moderately full, with a soft look in response, but a very keen, far away look when the Deerhound is roused. The rims of the eyelids should be black.

Ears: Ears are soft, glossy, set on high, folded back like a Greyhound, but the smaller the better. Irrespective of the colour of the coat, the ears should be black or dark coloured.

Nose: It can be black and slightly aquiline. Muzzle, black moustache of silky hair and a fair beard.

Body: The chest can be deep rather than broad but not too narrow or slab-sided. Good girth of chest is indicative of great lung power. The loin is well-arched and drooping to the tail. A straight back is not desirable; this formation being unsuited for uphill work, and looks very unsightly.

Coat: The coat is harsh and wiry on the body, neck and quarters. It is about 8 to 10 cm long. The hair is on the head, breast and belly soft. There is a slight fringe on the inside of the forelegs and hind legs. Some good strains have a mixture  of silky coat and they are hard, thick and even crisp to the touch.

Colour: Dark blue-grey is much preferred.

Legs and Feet: The legs are broad and flat, and broad forearms and elbows are desirable. Forelegs must be as straight as possible. Feet close and compact, with well arranged toes. The hindquarters should be drooping and should be as broad and powerful as possible; the hips being set wide apart.

Tail: It is tolerably long, tapering and reaching to within 4 cm of the ground. It is dropped perfectly on the ground or curved when the Deerhound is still. A slight white tip in some good specimens.

Height: Males are 30-33 inches (76 cm) tall; females are 28- 31 inch (71 cms) tall.

Weight: Male: 85-110 lb (50 kg), Female: 75-95 lb (35 kg) 


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