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Do Not Shave Your Labrador Or Golden Retriever This Summer!

04 Apr 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

Just like every Pet-owner this summer raised a very important question in my head. Should I shave my dog or not? You may think he is burning up due to the rising temparature. Or maybe its the constant hair shedding that is bothering you at home.

Not only would you miss that beautiful fur of your dear labrador or golden, but you'll also expose him to a lot of undesired illnesses if you get your dog zero shaved.



So here's the honest question: Should I or should I not shave my retriever? BIG NO!

Labrador’s/Golden Retrievers Have a Double Coat. What is a double coat? 

The double coat is made up of an outer coat and an undercoat.  The outer coat is made up of longer, guard hair and the undercoat more dense,  coarse hair. The outer coat helps repel moisture and dirt. the undercoat helps keep dogs insulated.


Why not shave a dog with a double coat?

Shaving a dog with an undercoat takes away their protection.  The undercoat is the insulation the Lab/golden needs to keep cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It also protects your dog against getting sunburn from damaging UV rays.

The shedding might be a pain for you but  shaving your lab/golden down in the summer won’t necessarily rid all of the shedding.  Instead of shedding the fluffy, soft undercoat your lab will shed prickly, short hairs that are harder to clean up and hurt if they poke you.


What is a better alternative to keeping your lab cool in the summer!

Grooming your Labrador/Golden Retriever is preferable to shaving their coat.  The lab/golden typically blows their coat twice per year.  The Yellow Labs tend to shed all the time.  Regular brushing will remove the loose hairs which helps circulation to keep your dog cool.  Visiting the groomer during the shedding season, especially in the spring is recommended.  They can give your Lab/golden a bath and blow out the undercoat.

Water is essential to help keep your pet hydrated and cool during the summer months.  Always have fresh water available for your dog.

Walk in morning or evening  to prevent your Lab/golden from overheating.  Avoid exercise and play time outdoors during the heat of the day.  Keep your pet indoors in the air conditioning or with a fan so that your dog is comfortable.


Hence, Shaving them down for the summer is not a solution for the summer heat. Shaving a double coat removes the dog’s natural insulation and causes their systems to kick into overdrive. They will now work to produce a coat to protect themselves from extreme temperatures, sunburn and sharp objects. When the coat does grow back it produces a thicker undercoat with a mix of short guard hairs. This new coat is thicker and softer then the old coat. Why is this bad? A dog’s shaved down false coat acts as a sweatshirt. Its softness soaks up the water and attracts burrs and hitchhikers. The thickness of the coat is extremely hot in summer. During the winter as the coat is growing back the new coat is matting, retaining water and mud and possible causing mildewing. Your pet will stay cold and wet for hours. You are trying to “keep your pet cool”, but you may be keeping it hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Info Source: bestinpetservices

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