Does Society Object Over Your Dog? What If We Had Dog-Only Parks?

03 Jun 2014 | by | Posted in: Wag Wiki

With the current trend of various residential societies creating rules against pet animals, a minor outrage from the pet owners community has been the resultant outcome. The issue at hand is that many seasoned residents of sought after neighbourhoods are trying to influence their bye-laws to cause discomfort to pet animals. A lot of times they get away by falsifying claims that the orders are approved by municipal and other government bodies.

The response to such an inconvenient facticity was not a light-hearted one. Many newspapers and all of social media now has abundance of government released notice that any residential colony cannot ban ownership of pets using the law as their backing authority. In some cases, the state government is even urging residents to feed the strays and provide water and shelter during the heat. So much so, that some states like Goa use their own funds to provide for for stray animals.

Certain high-profile developers have raised the principle of putting a muzzle on your dog while taking them around in the colony, regardless of their temperament. To add to that, few conniving residents file false complaints against usually gentle dogs, faking an aggressive response like a bite or a bark. The intent certainly being the eviction of the pets and the owners from the premises.


What is the solution to such problems? We may ponder !

With the demand for bigger and energetic dogs raising among owners. Many dogs end up being restrained in the house for weeks without an outing. The resultant attitude is an amalgamation of fear, frustration, anxiety and aggression in many canine cases. We cannot do much towards the dystopian views of society, as there are many people in India who will conspire towards an evil or hateful cause. Especially the retired and the elderly who have too much free time on their hands try and meddle into their neighbours’ family and personal matters. This common practice has been prevalent in the Indian culture since time immemorial.

A more peaceful option for tackling the regularly pent up energy would be having free roam facilities dedicated solely to dogs. Unfortunately, such a concept is a long way away from successful execution. But imagine the possibilities seeing that there so many abandoned parks in every locality. Such an initiative will require very strong social and political support.

In the case of Delhi and many other Indian cities, the public parks are owned and maintained by municipal corporations of that area. Somehow many neighbouring owners sometimes take over such parks and start claiming them as their property, only because maybe they planted a few trees there. What is ultimately a thirst for power is a disadvantage for children and pets who want to go out and play.

Dog-Only Parks Source:

"Wiggly Field Dog Park" in Oregon, USA. 


Here’s an idea, how about all pet owners and animal activists take a stand today?

With the new government freshly elected, they will be open to hearing out ideas towards social welfare. A proposal of acquiring several parks in the city while promising to maintain them with raising funds can be a potentially promising approach.

As it stands, there a few commercial dog parks in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. They have sponsorship deals by giants in the industry like Royal Canin and Pedigree, as well as pharmaceutical brands. The entry fee is nominal for the features and membership programs are also available. In Delhi, there is no such thing open for public fully dedicated to off-leash dogs.

There are a lot of NGOs interested in raising funds for and rescuing strays and abandoned animals, but many household pets also need to be rescued from the mundane routines of being restrained indoors. There is not much we can do about the negative public opinion on voiceless pets but we can create suitable surroundings for the happiness of the dogs and the relief of the owners.

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Please share your opinions on whether such a need for dog parks exists and how will it impact the behaviour of dogs and society. 

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