Dog Accidently Buried Alive Was Rescued After 3 Days!

09 Sep 2016 | by | Posted in: Wag News

You never know what life has in store for you. Same was the case with Maverick, a 12-year-old German Shepherd. The dog was abandoned, hit by a car and unfortunately got him trapped in a raccoon trap. Finally, he was rescued and was adopted. His life was good until life took another turn for him and he fell into a sinkhole.


Image Source: TheDodo


Maverick went outside to pee in Missouri but never came back. Apparently, he broke out of his fence and fell into a sinkhole on the side of the road. What was worse was, he accidently buried himself alive. The pooch’s family and community had put in all the effort and looked for him for about 3 days. Sadly, they had almost lost all hopes. They were afraid that he might have drowned into the lake nearby. But, thankfully, Maverick’s owner, Lisa Van Valkenburgh heard his crying. She mentioned saying, “I had to go look one more time and heard a faint howl, 5 ft down and underground there was my little old man.”


Image Source: TheDodo


The ray of hope had risen and the family tried to rescue hum as soon as possible. However, they were sacred that the sinkhole could collapse and can kill the pooch. Van Valkenburgh said, “He must have stepped on it went in hind quarters first but the more he moved the more he sunk in.”


Image Source: TheDodo


The local fire department ran for rescue and in a 2-hour mission, Maverick was pulled up. He was taken to the vet for the required treatment. With minor injuries, Maverick is recovering very quickly. This incident proves from every way that one should never ever give up.

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