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Dog Beds: A Couch With No Ouch For Your Dog!

11 Apr 2013 | by | Posted in: Wellness

A Bed is possibly the last piece of furniture you would ever want to live without. It is the cozy, personal and the most sought-after place where you want to relax at the end of your day! A bed provides back support, warmth, physical and psychological benefits to us. Our pets are also like us. They also get tired and require a personal retreat where they can relax and go to sleep. Right by the time they get up, they jump around, fetch and do every kind of things to keep you happy. Your dog is exhilarated to the core of his heart and is never too tired for another round of fetch.  

He is ever exited to play tug-of-war to get that gentle rub behind his ears. By the end of the day, he has done everything to give you that unconditional love which you always look forward to.

Like you, your dog also wants a place which he can associate with his cozy den. A dog bed provides warmth, security, psychological and physiological benefits to your dog. You must have noticed your dog moving in a circular motion before lying down in his bed. Animals in wild create a bed by trampling down the vegetation by circling around. The same happens with your dog. This is his natural instinct. He wants to create a cozy area where he can be secure!

A dog bed provides a sense of refuge and a place where your dog can be with himself.

Dog Bed

Often we have seen dog owners asking what things they need to buy for their dogs. A good bed is always at the top of their purchase along with a collar, leash & food bowls. Dog beds are very important equipment for all dogs regardless of their breed, age and size.

Benefits of dog beds:

Prevention of Injuries: Large and old dogs have special needs which can be met with the help of a soft dog bed. They need a supportive bed which does not put pressure on their bones. In such cases, folded blanket or cushions really dont help. Small dogs can also develop hip dysplasia, joint problems or sprains while trying to jump off elevated sofas and beds.

Dog beds provide insulation:You must have seen your dog curled up while sleeping during winters. It provides warmth and comfort. However, sleeping tightly in this position is not good for a dog. He must have a restful sleep. His muscles should not be tense while sleeping. Dog beds are properly cushioned and filled with fibers to give them comfort and insulation from extreme cold and heat.

Control of hair: Many breeds like Labrador retrievers are natural shedders. You cannot easily control the amount of shedding they do. At times even regular brushing wont help. Dog beds help in controlling the spread of hair in your house by concentrating it to an easy-to-clean and one location. All dog beds have a removable cover which can be separately cleaned.

Preserve your furniture: While your pet may be adorable but when it gets to scratching, nibbling and spreading of his hair on your expensive piece of furniture, you may lose your cool. This is one of the important reasons for investing in a dog bed. Adult and large dogs have the tendency of drooling while they sleep. Investing in a good dog bed can give your dog a chance to shed, snooze, drool and scratch from the content of his heart!

In addition to this, leaving your dog to sleep on sofas or rugged old blanket is not hygienic. Their paws and snout carry lot of bacteria along with mud and dirt. The traces of these things can be left at the places they sleep. A dog bed can be easily washed daily and it is the most hygienic way to keep your dog cozy while he sleeps.

Various types of dog beds:

Dog beds are available in vibrant colors, shapes and sizes. Petspot is a brand which provides essential equipments for dogs like leashes and dog beds. You can choose these beds according to the size of your dog. The range of choices available online will make it easier for you to choose a dog bed that compliments your home.


The size of dog bed should be according to the dogs general size proportions. He should be able to stretch himself fully. His body should not hang outside the bed while stretching. Therefore it is extremely important that you buy a correct size bed for your pooch. Measure him in lying down position and give him an extra space for stretching. After all a wrong size bed may hamper your dogs overall development.


A good dog bed may cost you somewhere around Rs 2000-Rs 5000. Many times you can get discounts too.


If you are looking for a dog bed for your pet, take your time and do some research. A bed must suit the individual requirements of your dog. It should be your dogs favorite place to spend time and relax. Remember that low quality beds do not last long. Hence buy one which is of highest quality so that your dog can enjoy its lifetime benefits. Choose a dog bed which has removable cover and is washable.

Tips for buying a dog bed: How does one go about selecting a good dog bed?

Selecting the right type of bed for your dog will be much easier if you consider few things. Firstly, consider his likes. What does he do when he is settling down to take rest or a nap? Does he like your fluffy blanket, circle many times and dig into your bed sheet before lying down? If yes, then he will love fluffy round dog beds which look like beanbag. Look for a rectangular bed if he stretches his legs out while sleeping. Rectangular dog beds provide more space for stretching out. If you let your dog sleep on furniture, which piece he prefers to lie on? Is it your sofa, arm chair or couch? If it is sofa, buy him a firm bed.

Comfertable Dog Bed

The next thing to consider is the age, breed, health and behavior of your dog. Puppies and dogs which are conventional chewers should never be left with beds or blankets containing stuffing without supervision. These stuffing can cause intestinal blockage when consumed.

Your dogs weight is also one of the important considerations while choosing a dog bed. Heavier dogs will need more durable beds. It must be chew resistant with blunt edges Make sure you buy dog beds from a reputed dog-bed manufacturer. A dog bed is usually a rectangular or doughnut-shaped basket with an inbuilt cushion.

If you are looking for outdoor dog beds, it must be water-resistant, washable, flea-resistant and off the ground.

Dogs sleep most of their lifetime. More than twelve hours of their day are spent in snoozing. Provide a peaceful place in your house and give your dog a chance to play with his toys, rest or doze off into his own world!

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