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19 Oct 2009 | by Celes | Posted in: Wag Wiki

We have a female lab who had littered five pups.  All the puppies have gone to different places. One male lab puppy who is about 2 and half month old was brought back to us as my friend was going out of station.  So he requested us to feed him for some time till he returns but now this male lab puppy when left with her mother finds herself being bitten by her mother.  Though I try to control the mother she still is very aggressive with her male puppy.  Has she forgotten her male puppy who was out for two and half months.  But this male puppy is always craving for food when we feed this male she keeps on jumping and craves for more and more food inspite of feeding her well. 

Does this male pup require somuch food as her mother does not eat as much as he.  Also this male pup starts messing around in the house when left alone. How do I stop the mother from her aggressive behavious towards the male pup.  Can anybody suggest some tips






simple solution give me the puppy

By: jain.varun | 21 Oct 2009

Warren Chang
This is nature, the mother is simply asking the puppy to move on. You need to understand the basic, the puppy is still a puppy. And as you would bring up your own puppy, you need to work on toilet training and socialsing of both mother and son.

By: Warren Chang | 22 Oct 2009


Reg. toilet training and socialising, could u pls. elaborate in detail about it.

Yesterday we had been out and my mum who is very old gave the pup some meal in the evening to have whilst the other male and female lab and pomperian were tied. As soon as they saw their puppy Lab having meal, both of them rushed and almost were about to eat the pup who is only about 4 months alive. He is terribly wounded his paws her swollen and all scratches on his face. Can you suggest any type of remedy for this pup.



By: Celes | 12 Nov 2009

Anil @ DoggiesDude
Ravinder..thanks for the great tip... Kudos.."as per research a dog has to see something 30 times before he learns it.. and for behavior correction a few more times"

By: Anil @ DoggiesDude | 13 Nov 2009


Thanks for the tip.

This female lab aggressively attacks this male Lab pup who is only 4 months old. It is she who littered this pup but they were so friendly earlier. it was a big surprise now that she attacks him the moment she say this male pup Lab. I beat this female lab on her legs with a stick to stop her from attacking this male pup. The moment this female lab sees the stick in my hand she hides herself but if I am far away, again she gets aggressive on this male pup. This correction of mine has produces no results.

Is there any other better way for handling this female lab.



By: Celes | 13 Nov 2009


Thanks for response. This male lab pup is of this female lab and male pomperian. They were always playing together but surprising it has become very fercious and aggressive towards her own male pup. Because I could not control her I had no alternative but to use the stick as there was lot of blood of this pup on the floor when the female lab and male pomperian attacked her very badly. This little pup was fully injured and couldnot walk till we applied some medicine to her. He is very nervous and frighterned to go outside. Thats why I used the stick.



By: Celes | 15 Nov 2009

Its quite understandable Celes, bit overwhealming to see a puppy being hurt

By: Ravinder | 15 Nov 2009

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