10 Best Dogs for Your Protection; Find Your Perfect Guard Dog!

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When looking for dependable dogs to protect your home, there are several traits to consider, such as physical strength, temperament, loyalty, courage, and resistance to pain. To make your search easy, expert dog trainers have named the following breeds as the top 10 guard dog breeds:


Known for its protection instincts, physical strength, courageousness, and great family loyalty, if an intruder tends to cross its path, a Bullmastiff knocks him or her over using its strength.

pic 1

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Doberman Pinscher

This is an alert, fearless and loyal dog that is ideal to protect a property. It is incredibly fast.

pic 2

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Rottweilers are generally bred as cattle-protecting dogs. These relentless protectors are an intelligent breed that is highly loyal to their owners.


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Giant Schnauzer-

These dogs are extremely strong and powerful. They are extremely loyal to their owners, which makes them exceptional guard dogs.

Giant Schnauzer with a log in a park

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German Shepherd

German Shepherds are very bold and confident. They are intelligent and learn commands quickly. Hence, they are a popular police dog breed. German Shepherds tend to exhibit a calm demeanor in a household; however, quickly react when there is some kind of threat to their family.

pic 5

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Well, the Komondor has natural guard dog ability. It is loyal, active, courageous, strong and known for its dignity.

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Pulis are always alert. They bark continuously to alert their owners if they find anything abnormal. They are very smart and love running, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

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Rhodesian Ridgeback

These were bred originally to hunt lions! Ridgebacks are extremely loyal and make natural guard dogs. It is said that a Ridgeback is very selective in its barking; so, when it barks, you should take it seriously. Rhodesian Ridgebacks should be trained and managed properly because they are not naturally obedient.( pic 8)

pic 8

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Kuvasz is a territorial breed. It has a strong instinct about guarding its home and family. This breed seems to be detached from strangers. However, it, craves love and care from its family.

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Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier was originally bred for bear and bull fighting. Its protective and aggressive nature makes it an amazing guard dog but it has to be trained right from an early age.

pic 10

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Of course, a dependable dog comes with an added responsibility. Though all the above-mentioned breeds make good family protectors, owners should remember that these are very powerful dogs! To ensure the ultimate safety of family members, neighbors and guests, guard dogs have to be socialized and trained properly.

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