Dog Breeds That Can Join You For Outdoor Activities

Travel, last updated 18th, Sep 2014, Krithika

"I am a super adventurous person, I like to go out for jogging, trekking and on frequent road trips. I am a dog lover but i would want to get myself a breed that can adjust with my kind of life.". One of my friend was telling me this a couple of days ago, so I sought to answer this question by listing the dog breeds that can be best for you for the outdoor activities.

Though there is no dog breed that cannot join you for an adventure since dogs are amazing companions. But here is the list that might just be a little help to you.

Shetland Sheepdog

They are one of the most intelligent and playful breeds. They have a herding instinct which involves them in chasing and running behind animals. They also love to run around freely. They can be your good companion in chasing away wild or be helpful while youre out on hunting.



They were originally bred for helping firefighters. They can keep pace with horses and thus can keep an absolute pace with you. These dogs can stay with you during long runs or walks during your adventure.  Read more on  Dalmatian Dog Breed Info


Doberman Pinscher

Contradicting their reputation, they are absolutely loyal and friendly. They are the active types. They are fearless but very obedient and are also low maintenance. Thus they will be perfect for long adventures.  Read More on  Doberman Dog Breed Info


Border Collie

They are agile runners and are also considered amongst the most intelligent breeds. They love the job for them and are faithful running mates. You can rely on them for long hiking trips to the mountains.


Labrador Retrievers

These dogs are considered Weatherproof and have been amazing hunters. They are the most loyal family pets and are excellent athletes. If you go out on a trip to lakes and hikes, they can be good companions.  Read More on  Labrador Retrievers Dog Breed Info




They are the most ideal jogging companions. They can be excellent companions if at all you wish to go for hunting. They are extremely active and need open space to run about.


If you know more about dogs that are adventure friendly then you can share about them with us. Or if you have some pictures of your dog with you on an adventurous trips then we would love to share them on our page.