10 Shocking Signs Which Show That You Don't Love Your Little Dog

Wag News, last updated 04th, Jul 2016, Prekshita Patwa

Unbelievable right? Not sure someone like this exists, but let's find out guys! And if you're so sure that you love your little buddy, then let's hope you aren't nodding along to any of the points below:


1. You don't have a single photograph of your dog in your phone gallery!


Ya, not even a selfie that showed his pinkie pink tongue and your messy hair.


Image source: imgur


2. You feel like hugging another human being even if your dog is right there in front of you!


Even kisses, you'd prefer a human kiss over a sloppy tongue kiss from your dog.


Image source: flickr


3. You would rather go out and dine with your friends than stay at home with this face at the table


Sometimes you just skip your dog's meal altogether. 


Image source: imgur


4. Looking into your dog's eyes is boring for you.


You think you're too busy to take a moment and have a deep look at your baby.


Image source: imgur


5. A house full of humans over a house full of dogs!


Yes, we know how you long for the human company to gossip instead of a chilled pawsome time with pooches.


Image source: flickr


6. You never feel like taking your dog out on a drive sitting right beside you in the passenger's seat.


Well , you don't enjoy to watch him look out the window like a crazy happy dude.


Image source: imgur


7. Watching boring things on TV is even more boring if you watch it with your fur-baby!


The news channel kills you, it really does.


Image source: flickr


8.  When the time comes to choose who you're going out on a trip with, Your dog's name comes last to your mind.


You think you'll have more fun with your humans. You think.


Image source: imgur


9. Even when you're going far far away, you think there will not be space for your dog.

Even when they make it evident that they want to come along!


Image source: imgur


10. You think you're too cool to pick up your dog and pose for random silly pictures to create memories.


Is that you? Thinking you're too cool for your pup.


Image source: imgur


OH WELL WELL, that was a pretty rough scroll. Did you guys find anything you could relate to? As far as I think, nobody with a dog can give a nod. CONGRATULATIONS then, because you don't 'not love your dog'. In fact, YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT YOUR DOG. HE IS YOUR WORLD. TELL THIS TO THE WORLD!

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