10 Easy Ways to Make Your Dog Happier!

Wag News, last updated 19th, May 2016, Ruchika Anand

Of course, dogs are our ‘bestest’ friends. They never get angry on us and try and understand our mood swings and emotions. But what extra are we doing for them? Just like any other relationship, this might also get dull and drab, so gear up your socks, let's ignite some spark into this, let's make him happier!


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Given below are some proven ways to understand the connection between humans and canines and make that bond stronger.

1. Take them for an extra short walk - Taking a stroll with your dog strengthens the bond. Structured and organized walks with your dog on a regular basis are a wonderful way to get some exercise as well as spend quality time with the dog. That extra walk will definitely get you some browny points!

2. Teach them something and provide mental stimulation - Mental stimulation is as crucial as physical exercise. You will be really surprised at how fast a dog gets tired after a good training session. Teaching even entry level skills can get the mind of your dog working. Spending that time with your dog is good for you also!

3. Don’t treat dogs like children entire life - Realize they are dogs. While several elements of raising kids and dogs share numerous things in common, canines are not furry children. They must be treated like dogs so they can flourish, or else they will just be puppy forever- not good for them!

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4. Take a day off JUST FOR YOUR DOG - How many times we do this for our family and friends. Then why not for our BEST FRIENDS? Try doing this. Just sit and play with him, cuddle and sleep with him, watch birds in the balcony, play some rounds of fetch, enjoy an icecream, go for walks and talkk talk talk!!

5. Touch your dog - Physical contact by means of grooming and petting tends to reduce stress in shelter dogs. Research has proved that physical contact does play a significant role in improving the relationship between people and dogs.

6. Study up on non-verbal communication - Learning your dog’s body language can help you build a greater bond with your dog. Well, the first place you can probably start is by studying how your dog communicates with its body. This way, you can soon understand what your dog is intending to tell you. When you start listening to this, both of you will start to get along quite easily.

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7. Socialize your dog - Socializing your dog with people and dogs builds his/her confidence and trust in you. And hey it's a myth that he can't befriend other humans and dogs after a particular age. Be careful and consistent, you both will benefit from this!

8. Buy a surprise toy, treat! - Just like us, they also understand surprises! Get him a new gift and cheer him up for being alone all day, waiting just for you to come back from office!

9. Plan regular activities with your dog. Playing, agility, retrieving, swimming—anything is fine as far as both of you have fun doing it together. Fun interaction goes on to build friendship and loyalty. Well, camping and outstation trips are also something you can look up to!

10. Teach your dog a trick every month. This will turn out to be a fun activity that makes him/her smarter. Eventually, it becomes another bonding tool.        


By honoring, reinforcing and increasing the relationship between your dog and you, you are not only helping your pet, but yourself too.  The good times both of you enjoy together will make you feel happier, calmer and more appreciative. And remember, affection, support, fun and interaction – this is what human-dog bond is all about. Make the most of it…


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