12 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Own A PUG!

Puppy, last updated 19th, Jun 2016, Prekshita Patwa

Let's see. What do we look for in a dog? Friendliness, loyalty, therapy and so much more. Should we even think of adopting some breed which is as dangerous as a PUG? If you already have one, well this read is going to be a hard one friends! We're here to give you 10 reasons you should really never even think of owning a pug:

1. From the moment they come into your life, you'll be damn scared of their terrifying eyes!


Image Source: buzzsharer


2. Doing anything with them will turn into a nightmare! Seriously, it's even more scary to watch them have a bath.


Image Source: buzzsharer

3. You can't even count on them to listen to your problems and struggles. They just ignore you.


Source: pugslope


4. They don't really have a single cute habit. To be honest, they're just annoying.

Source: mypetdog


5. They don't play. They just like sleeping. Zzzz. Such a bore.


Image Source: buzzsharer

6. No matter what they do, their face cannot win over hearts!


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7. There is no doubt that they hate children. And sharing is a big NO for them!


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8. They're super mean to other animals around them. Especially cats!


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9. They have no kind of emotional attachment to you, so they never wait for you to get home.


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10. They're the worst runners. They won't even come running to you if you call them!


Source: aboutpug.com


11. They're not caring. They terrify other living beings and are not at all helpful..


Source: aboutpug.com


12. Don't even think of getting one of these little monsters!


Image Source: buzzsharer

HAHAHAHA! How was that ride? Well, let's just say that they are dangerous, and to be honest they are DANGEROUSLY CUTE!!

All you awesome parents with pugs go hug your tiny baby right now and share your pictures with us!