4 chew toys that make your dog go Nom, Nom!

Wag News, last updated 21st, Aug 2016, Ruchika Anand

Chew chew, cutie pooch;

We’ve got toys you’d wanna smooch.

And if your teeth are sensitive;

These toys are purrfect, we’re assertive!

Now that I have your and your dog’s attention, I hereby proclaim that I’ve found the perfect 4 chewing toys for your canine.

Eureka!! Come on, every dog has his day, and every dog has to chew. If you’re tired of your little baby chewing your shoelaces and what not, these are the toys you should definitely consider purchasing. Though, before you proceed, I would advise you to hide your screen from your fluff-ball, or else, he’ll have you use up all of your money to buy all of these toys in all of the quantities they’re available!

1. Essentially hard rubber bones

image 2

Image source: https://www.pawsitivecanineconnection.com

Not only are they super comfy when it comes to chewing, but they also come in fun shapes, sizes and flavors! Okay, must calm down, for I’m developing this insatiable desire to purchase these rubber bones for myself!
Nonetheless, this is one of the most famously common kinds when it comes to chewing toys for adorable dogs.


2. Cotton ropes

image 3

Image source: www.dogvacay.com

No, these aren’t your normal monotonous ropes that you use for tying up people in your basement. Just kidding (but definitely not kidding about the normal monotonous part!) Many companies manufacture these with either bones or hooves attached to them. They may sound boring, but they would sound super chewy to your dog. Ask him/her, if you doubt me, go on!

3. Tennis balls

image 4

Image source: www.heartii.com

Which pooch doesn’t enjoy chewing on tennis balls?! However, while purchasing these, please ensure the material of the balls is right. Also, ensure that the ball hasn’t completely depreciated as it could be hazardous for your dog! Once proper care is taken, I’m quite certain your fluff-ball will have a wonderful chewy experience with his/her personal tennis balls!


4. Highly specialised dental toys

image 5

Image source: www.dailymail.co.uk

These vary from dental sticks, dental ropes, dental dinosaurs, teething pacifiers and what not! Sounds pretty interesting and hygienic, right? Well, they indeed are. Not only do they come in exciting shapes, but they’re super hygienic too when it comes to your canine’s dental hygiene! Upon being chewed, the toys not only clean the dog’s teeth but also strengthen its gums. These toys sure know how to ascertain your furball's dental hygiene!


Now, be a good parent and buy the aforementioned toys for your little pooch. In case you found them interesting but useless, know that when your dog has these toys to chew on, you won’t ever have to come home only to find that all your homework and assignment has been chewed up by your fluffy ray of sunshine. So much for the excuse, “My dog ate my homework”, huh?!


So what’s your dog’s favourite chew toy???....

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