4 Simple Steps On How To Take Best Pictures Of Your Poochie

Life with Dogs, last updated 10th, Sep 2017, Anshika Saxena

We all know how hard it can be to take a pic of our pups. They never want to look at the camera or the phone, it’s as if they think it will steal their souls! Flashes look horrible. Natural lighting can be so dark that you can’t tell where your dog ends and the sofa begins. It’s so hard to capture their unimaginable adorableness with a simple camera or phone!

We don't need a DSLR to get those perfect pictures. The built-in cameras of our phone can do wonders too. Here are few hacks and tricks for you to get a amazing photo-shoot done of your poochie:

1. Do Make It A Fun-Activity.

Give your furry some toys and shoot as he’s playing. If your dog loves to swim, take him to the pool and let him do what he enjoys most. There will be time for sitting, posed portraits later, its always a better idea to start with getting them used to the idea of you taking his pictures.

A friend with a squeaky toy will come in handy if you want a head-on shot or a regal profile. However, keep your dog’s personality in mind with this tip

2. Eliminate The Clutter.

A good background is very important, it could either give you a perfect shot or spoil it. Cluttered backgrounds will complicate a photo and distract from your subject; TIP: Keep backgrounds natural and plain if at all possible. A park or a pool side.

3. Get Down To His Level.

Depending on the size of your dog, this may be easier said than done. If you have a very small dog, consider putting your dog up on a table for portrait sessions – just make sure he’s secure and doesn’t try to jump off. With larger breeds, you can crouch down or kneel down on the ground to get yourself at the right angle.

4. Watch out for good-lighting.

Nothing beats the effect of natural light source, Sun. But if in case you are planning to do an indoor shoot, remember, To retain detail in your fluffy pet’s fur, position the light source somewhat to the side rather than straight on.

That's it, and with least amount of efforts you can get a perfect photo shoot done of your dog. Nonetheless, always remember “The best shots are often the spontaneous ones.”