5 breeds make for excellent therapy dogs

Breeds, last updated 23rd, Aug 2016, Ruchika Anand

Therapy dogs are those that can provide assistance or comfort to ill people, to people in nursing homes or hospitals, to elderly people who need a reason to smile or to children with disorders like autism.

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Image source: www.ajc.com

A therapy dog will not provide service like a service dog; instead, it will be trained to lighten up a sick person’s environment, to lift up their spirits and to be their best friend. What better can an ailing person ask for!

Here are 5 breeds that make for excellent therapy dogs:


1. Labrador Retriever:

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Image source: www.vetary.com

A dog breed with intelligent and gentle personality, Labrador Retriever is known to make a wonderful therapy dog.  Not only is it a perfect family dog, but also an obedient breed. Once trained properly, it can do wonders to ailing people.


2. German Shepherd:

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Image source: www.petguide.com

German Shepherd is a strong and versatile dog, created for the protection of its herd. It can be one of the best therapy dogs due to its loyalty and loving nature.


3. Chihuahua:


Image source: https://www.chihuahuapuppiesakc.com/

A small dog breed, Chihuahua comes in different sizes and is an excellent therapy dog because it develops  a strong rapport with its owner very easily. It sheds less and is an extremely loving creature.


4. Beagle:

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Image source: www.101dogbreeds.com

Beagles are self-sufficient dogs, good for people who want a cuddly furry buddy. Because of their extremely friendly nature, they make wonderful therapy dogs.


5. Poodle:

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Image source – www.dogreference.com

Available in 3 varieties, Poodle responds well to training as it’s a highly intelligent dog breed. Since they are hypoallergenic, they are a good option as a therapy dog for people with allergies.

Dogs can be excellent companions even in tough times! Adopt a pup right away if you want a friend who will stay with you through thick and thin.