5 Amazing Things Only Your Dog Can Predict Which You Cannot!

Wag News, last updated 16th, May 2017, Ruchika Anand

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Dogs have always been known for their strong sixth sense. These psychics of sorts can predict and see many things that human beings cannot. Whenever there is a natural calamity, it is said that dogs can sense it better than human beings. Not just that but there are several other things too that dogs can predict. Let's have a look at these!

1. Illness

Illnesses like cancer are just of the things dogs have been known to predict. They have the natural ability to sniff a few illnesses in their human. If you see your pet dog sniffing on a particular part of the body, you can go see a doctor and get a thorough check up. These home docs and psychics can predict so many things in advance; it could end up save your life.

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2. Pregnancy

Dogs can also predict women going into labor and seizures in human beings. Dogs have the sense of smell that can sniff the scent of woman in labor. They can sense a bundle of joy that is about to enter your life.

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3. Moods and emotions

Even your therapist or best friend cannot predict your mood or emotions like a dog can! If you are feeling sad or fearful, a dog will immediately come to comfort you. They can sense every emotion you feel and start snuggling with you. With so much unconditional love to give, a dog is the most wonderful, heavenly companion to have.

Sensing intentions of a person is something dogs do fabulously. If you have false friends, or if you are surrounded by people with evil intentions, you dog will fiercely notify and protect you. They might bark at a seemingly innocent person with bad intentions. So, pay heed to what they are trying to tell you.

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4. Negative Energy

If you want to buy a place, maybe take your dog along with you to see how they react to it. What is amusing about dogs is that they read human behavior through scents and observation. They use their eye contact and gaze into other people’s behavior and intentions. They are mind readers and can instinctively know your thoughts.

If your priorities change, dogs can sense that too. For instance, if you have to pay more attention to your newborn, you can teach your dog to handle jealously and be friendlier.

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5. Natural Calamities

These psychics of sorts can predict and see many things that human beings cannot. Whenever there is a natural calamity, it is said that animals can sense it better than human beings. Dogs have the ability to sense electromagnetic waves, and can predict earthquakes. Since, their olfactory senses are highly developed and sensitive, they can even hear a thunder that is several miles away.

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